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Summer hair & makeup ideas from Kami Christensen and Jill Thomas

June 1, 2011

Good morning! We have a little treat to start the day: beautifully styled and photographed summer hair and makeup ideas from Jill Thomas and Kami Christensen. They’re so lovely and so dreamy and just oozing summer. Any of these would be perfect inspiration for summer wedding hair, for an engagement party, for attending someone else’s wedding, for going out to dinner… you know. Anything, really.

The overview:

summer hair and makeup ideas

And some close-ups:

summer hair and makeup ideas

Kami says it’s all about texture this summer. She’s super into the new Bumble Texture Hair(un) Dressing Creme. We’re most definitely sold!

summer hair and makeup ideas

Here’s how Kami created these pretty looks:

“Prep-products : Bumble & Bumble Texture cream in damp hair
(how to use and apply this product see: http://kamiwithak.com/love-the-new-bb-texture-cream)
Once dry to prep curls used Bumble & Bumble Spray De Mode hair spray.
Then curled with a 1 inch curling Iron. Some curling inside the curling iron, and some around the barrel, to make a looser wave.

Once hair is curled, there are so many possibilities. I love the hair on top of the head, whether it is a top messy bun or just pined up on top. top buns put together with natural curl in the hair, it is a perfect look this summer. I also love braids, but braids in different places. Think outside the box with your braids. Curled hair, and a random braid, equals cute every time!

For little hair accessories, these can be completely do it yourself. I made all those hair pieces from finding beads at Micheal’s and glueing them on hair pins. Cheap, easy, and really add another element to a hair style! the gold bow, i also found at Michaels and made it a hair bow by glueing on a clip. That easy!”

summer hair and makeup ideas

And for make-up… look out Sephora… we’re all headed your way!

“This summer is all about dewy shimmery make-up! Use gold eye shadow on the eyes, and shimmery cheeks.

On their cheeks I used Moon Glow Golden Bronzer with Twice Blushed Cheek Color Kit, by Jane Iredale layered on top of the bronzer. For the eyes try long wear cream shadow by bobby brown as a base. My favorite color is sandy gold. Then for the perfect gold shadow use goldmine by mac.

We cant forget my obsession with bright color lips this season! lip colors of choice, Good To Go and Perpetual Flame, long lasting lip colors by Mac. Also, try out Lip Fixation Devotion Lip Stain by Jane Iradale. These are bright, shocking lip colors but very long lasting. long lasting lips are essential for your wedding day.

So pretty!

You can see more styling advice, makeup trends, and hair how to’s on Kami’s blog and more gorgeous photos of all sorts of things on Jill’s blog. Thanks for sharing ladies!

( And we’ve got a good Dear ESB coming up later this morning. See you all then!)