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Save or splurge! Large scale calligraphy

April 13, 2011

We have a fun follow up to our super cute Ice Cream Parlor post, for those of you who love the look of a big handwritten sign at your reception. Jenna had the idea to offer two options for the oversized menu sign she created for our shoot: one being the real deal and one being an equally cute, more budget friendly option.

The splurgey option is the handwritten sign. She charges around $500 to create your menu (or whatever sign you like!) directly on the chalkboard. Which is just as yummy as the ice cream itself, as you can see.

But she had another idea for people who love the look, but are working on a tight budget. She can create your sign and then have it blown up and printed for around $200. The quality isn’t the same and you lose some of the texture and charm of a real chalkboard, but it’s such a great option if that extra $300 could be better spent somewhere else!

We should also note that Jenna‘s fees are determined by the size and scope of each individual project. The prices noted above are intended to help you get a sense of how much projects like this cost. Hope this helps with your planning!

We’re thinking of making “Save or Splurge” a regular column on 100LC. What do you guys think?