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15 elegant, modern DIY gift wrap ideas

December 16, 2019

10 days till Christmas, Cakies! How are we feeling? Gift wrap is obvs one of the most important preparations leading up to the holidays, and as you can tell by our past gift wrap parties, we kinda go all out! Keep scrolling for this year’s top DIY gift wrap ideas as curated by yours truly…

holiday gift wrap

Gift wrap for the romantic by Silk & Willow.

christmas gift wrap christmas gift wrap

Half Baked Harvest shared a gorgeous take on traditional gift wrap colors.

linen gift wrap Linen and silk make for stunning gifts.

colorblock gift wrap

Forget red, how about black and green?

photo gift wrap

Love the idea of turning photos you’ve snapped throughout the year into gift tags or embellishments, like Anna Kubel.

holiday gift wrap

Pair torn paper and hand-stamped names with a sprig to spruce (no pun intended) up your gift.

holiday gift wrap

Add your fave hue (piiiink!!!) without going overboard like Liz Marie.

elegant gift wrap

DIY mini bouquets are everyone’s fave new gift wrap accessory.

100 layer cake gift wrap

Find yourself some pretty boxes and your friends will thank you (again).

DIY organic gift wrap

See this organic gift wrap inspiration for a more minimalist approach.

calligraphy gift wrap

Kraft paper doesn’t look so crafty when it’s adorned in elegant gold calligraphy.

Rose gold gift wrap

More rose gold for the vintage glam gift giver.

11-christmas-home-photo-krista-keltanen-16 Black gift wrap can be festive too!

holiday gift wrap

If we could, we’d have Michaela McBride’s calligraphy on all our gifts this year…

holiday gift wrap

Another silk-wrapped beauty for a gift within a gift. If these were your fave, you’ll love everything Silk & Willow does.

colorful DIY gift wrap

PS: Had to add these pretty packages from Honestly WTF. Velvet ribbons and tassels are a must!

Find more DIY gift wrap ideas in this post. Happy gifting!