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Holiday home decor we are obsessed with

November 20, 2023

The holidays always roll around at just the perfect time, don’t they? The festivities, giving, and time with loved ones is something we could all use to lift our spirits right now and we’re making the most of it for sure. Whether you’re shopping for the perfect gift (find the 100LC 2023 holiday gift guide HERE) or sprucing up your home for the holidays, we feel your excitement! So to make things extra special, we’re sharing creative ways to make time at home more memorable, no matter what your décor style. From a classic Christmas to a vintage to a maximalist holiday, here’s the holiday décor to bring those warm fuzzy feelings to life!

Classic holiday decor:

Huge fans of trends over here, yes, but we still can’t resist a classic Christmas theme. There’s just something about that real tree dressed in white and gold in a room layered with warm candles, cozy blankets and pillows, and traditional holiday hues. Love the addition of natural tones in this space:

classic holiday home decor holiday home decor classic holiday home decor classic holiday home decor

(via Jacqueline Clark)



Botanical holiday home decor:

We’re friends with enough floral designers to know that botanical décor can be totally worth the effort, giving off warm holiday vibes while offering a delightful surprise to all who step foot inside your home. Think lush garlands, mixed floral prints, and pops of color.

floral Christmas tree

(via McQueens Flowers)

floral Christmas tree

(via Zoella)

Moody holiday decor:

Moody home décor is having its moment, and it’s just as fabulous as a holiday décor theme. While moody leans on daker colors, it’s also an opportunity to inject a little more romance and intimacy into your space. To achieve this look, opt for chic and unexpected décor pieces.

ribbons holiday tree holiday home decor

(via Chris Loves Julia)

Christmas wrapping ideas

(via Jenna Sue Design)



Whimsical holiday home decor:

Whimsical weddings are some of the most joyful occasions we’ve seen, so it’s safe to say a whimsical Christmas is a winner in our books, too. Opt for multi-colored bows instead of tinsel. Pastels in your gift wrap. DIY ornaments. Preparing for a whimsical Christmas is just as uplifting as the result here.

colorful whimsical Christmas tree colorful whimsical Christmas tree

(via The Makerista)

holiday home decor

(via Emily Henderson)



Maximalist holiday home decor:

Who here is a fan of the modern maximalist trend in interior design? What better time to channel a “more is more” vibe than the holidays? The key here isn’t just to decorate with everything you see (cue: clutter) but give all of your favorite pieces a home, whether or not they match in the traditional sense. Contrast, layering, texture, and creativity are all welcome here.

Oh, and if you want to see an example of maximalism as expertly channeled within a wedding—check out this real wedding from 2023 here! Inspo for days.

holiday table decor

(via Julia Berolzheimer)



holiday table decor

(via Louise Roe)

Download our menu template and print out for a festive custom look for your holiday table.

holiday menu download holiday ribbon chandelier

(via Lindsay Salazar)

holiday table decor ribbon christmas tree christmas table

(via @castorfleuriste)

holiday table decor

(via Bed Threads)

Vintage holiday home decor:

Turn up the Bing Crosby and get out your most cherished vintage ornaments and settle in for a cozy vintage Christmas! For this look, head to your local holiday markets or Etsy and score some authentic vintage ornaments. Don’t forget the tinsel!

vintage christmas


Modern holiday home decor:

Modern decor isn’t just about clean lines and minimalist detail. Turn your home into a contemporary art gallery for the holidays with lots of bold color, contrast, and unique design moments.

mantle decor modern holiday decor

(Angela Chrusciaki)


modern holiday decor