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Handmade paper flowers from The Green Vase + a new shop!

April 6, 2011

We’ve been quietly obsessed with the paper flowers made by The Green Vase for a long time. And now you can buy them! Directly from their brand new shop! So convenient it’s a little scary.

Here’s some of their installation work to get you excited:

And a few of the pretty flowers you can buy this minute, if you’re so inclined:

They’re not inexpensive, but the quality is divine and you can save them for a long time as a pretty keepsake of whatever event you might need them for. Need, being the operative word.

Or if you love this look, but don’t think you can swing the price of paper flowers crafted by experts, try this video tutorial for paper poppies and peonies and this text tutorial for a paper flower bouquet from Martha, or this Origami cherry blossom tutorial from the Flirty Guide.

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