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Hitched Event, part 2

February 9, 2011

Next up, in our Hitched extravaganza: the Ban.do tent and Fiore Beauty’s Winks & Smiles salon. So fun!

(Top photo Brandon Kidd, bottom two Erin Hearts Court)

Can’t get enough of all the pink, sparkles, gold and hearts! Plus the Ban.do gals are quite the riot.

(Amelia Lyon)

(Love Me Sailor)

(Max Wanger)

Pretty, luscious lip colors and feathery lashes. Jaimi certainly knows how to make a gal stand out!

(Brandon Kidd)

(Max Wanger)

Joy getting her lips glossed in Fiore Beauty‘s Winks and Smiles bar! (Shot by Erin Hearts Court)

Commune is such a rad event space!

(Top photo by Brandon Kidd, bottom by Love Me Sailor)

This batch of photos: Love Me Sailor, Brandon Kidd, Amelia Lyon, Max Wanger, Erin Hearts Court.
Plus pretty event decor from Bash, Please.

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