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Cynthia Warren design

January 25, 2011

This has our collective heart all aflutter. The designer who does Chez Panisse design? She does wedding invites, party invites, calligraphy, illustration, and all sorts of other pretty things. Do you not ADORE the vintage, handmade, European, Berkeley-ness of it all?

Cynthia Warren, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL OF OUR LIVES?? Apparently we’re late on this train, but happily here now.

Would die to have a birthday invite for a dinner at Chez Panisse penned by her and sent out on one of our behalfs. Maybe we will throw a 100LC birthday in Berkeley for ourselves? We’re turning 2 next month, after all. We might deserve it.

We are going to decorate our official 100LC studio space in her work. And have Dana do a chalkboard installation, of course.

(Via a long chain of links on the internets, starting with Simple Lovely.)