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Mr & Mrs Honeymoon by Mrs. Lilien

October 20, 2010

Today we all get the extra special treat of a Mrs. Lilien guest post. Hooray! For those of you planning your honeymoon suitcase, this post will prove invaluable.

Meet Mr. + Mrs. Honeymoon – this dashing young couple is jetting off to Europe for a post wedding sojourn – they’ve got big plans to sightsee, celebrate and swoon. Touring by day and painting the town red by night – they’ve got this trip dialed with all their newlywed might! He took care of the hard get dinner reservations – she planned the swanky over night accommodations – together they planned the ultimate european vacation!! They’ve packed their bags with a smattering of Honeymoon essentials – from head to toe fashions, honeymoon enhancements and plenty of sentimentals! They’ll hit all the big spots and hunker down in all the hidden gems – they’ll stay up all night canoodling and reciting their wedding poems! She with her luggage suite, and he his singular suitcase – they’ve brought what they needed and then some, you know… just in case! She brought along an extra trunk for all their honeymoon shopping – it doesn’t stand a chance to go home empty with the wedding cash she’ll be dropping! There’ll be endless silly tourist pictures and lots of hand holding – entries in their travel journal and all kinds of flirtatious cajoling! They’ll be long romantic lunches where they’ll share both their dishes – followed by long winded strolls with plenty of stolen kisses – you dare not expect anything less from this new minted Mr. and Mrs.!

The Mr.
Jeans / Sunglasses / Necktie / Boat Shoes / Cufflinks / Folding Comb / Razor / Shave Balm / Flask / Dopp Kit / Luggage Tags / Suitcase

The Mrs.
Lipstick / Cape / Sunglasses / Long Gloves / Corsage / Sparkly Flats / Clutch / Naughty Panties / Earrings / Passport Wallet / Suitcase

Love Potion / Book / Camera

Mrs Lilien