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Anniversary staycation at Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, California

November 8, 2019

Hi lovely Cakelets! It’s Jillian, popping over to share the trip Scott and I took to Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes for our 12 year anniversary. Wow, it’s a bit shocking to say we’ve been married for 12 years. It feels like just a year ago we had our 10 year vow renewal in Hawaii. It was so epic, but I do look back on it as being a bit stressful. We took our two boys and while it was such a meaningful moment for them to witness, it did end up taking away from some of the more intimate, bonding moments Scott and I really needed at that time. I’m all about traveling with family so don’t take this the wrong way… I just know now *especially* that in order to survive 10 years of marriage and keep it growing, you need to find time for just the two of you. This will allow space to enjoy what brought you together in the first place. Just a tidbit of advice for our engaged and newlywed couples!

Wedding Anniversary Terranea Resort

One more thing. Have you heard of the book The Five Love Languages? How has this not been the #1 book to give to any engaged couple? Well, if it’s not on your radar get a copy stat! I mean it. It’s one of those books that will completely change how you look at your partner. In a good way. And you may want to reference it as you grow, have kids, and advance your relationship. Just sayin’.

K, I know I’m starting to sound like a marriage counselor and you really came here to look at pretty pictures and find cool places to visit, so I’ll spare you any more relationship advice, ha!

Wedding Anniversary Terranea Resort

Doesn’t this look like the most amazing place to vacation or get married? If you look closely (below) you can see that a few weddings were taking place in various locations overlooking the water. (We even witnessed a really sweet proposal!)

Wedding Anniversary Terranea Resort Wedding Anniversary Terranea Resort Terranea can accommodate weddings for every size. It was nice to see that they hosted an intimate wedding of like 40 people and then a bigger wedding of over a 100 on the same day… yet you could still enjoy peace and quiet as a guest.

Wedding Anniversary Terranea Resort Wedding Anniversary Terranea Resort Wedding Anniversary Terranea Resort

Hello, from our happy place!

Wedding Anniversary Terranea Resort

Couples who book weddings on Friday or Sunday will be able to secure one of Terranea’s oceanfront wedding venues or recently-renovated ballrooms at MUCH lower rates. Plus, couples receive a complementary one-year anniversary stay to relive the day all over again—they even try to get couples in the same room they had on their wedding night!

Wedding Anniversary Terranea Resort Wedding Anniversary Terranea Resort Wedding Anniversary Terranea Resort Wedding Anniversary Terranea Resort

For couples who want to make greener choices while making their wedding dreams come true, you can meet directly with Terranea’s sustainability leader Lauren Bergloff. Lauren and Terranea’s “green team” have created a checklist with ways to make weddings a little more green, including amazing plant-based menu options made with Terranea-grown ingredients (like a vegan red beet filet that’s poached in olive oil and vegetable demi-glace), elegant replacements for single-use serveware (AKA encouraging glass stemware over plastic or paper cups). Plus, safely chilled and unserved surplus food will be donated as part of the resort’s work with local non-profit organizations such as Chefs to End Hunger.

Wedding Anniversary Terranea Resort Wedding Anniversary Terranea Resort Wedding Anniversary Terranea Resort Wedding Anniversary Terranea Resort

What I love most about Terranea are the vast amount of activities that are bound to please not just you but all of your guests. Whether you’re looking to relax by one of their four pools, hike, nature walk, get out on the water, bike, or just lounge around the spa, there are *so* many options. Honestly whether you’re considering a destination wedding in California, a honeymoon locale, or just on the hunt for a place to unwind, Terranea should be your first stop.

Thanks for letting us share our experience with you, not to mention give you a little bit of relationship advice 😉