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Honeymoon photo shoots: how to pull off this new trend in wedding photography

July 3, 2019

Q for all you engaged Cakies, would you hire a honeymoon photographer to document your memories post-nuptials? We’ve been hearing all about this trend, and given our love of dreamy travel destinations, we can’t say we’re not on board. More and more couples are choosing to work an added session into their wedding budgets, whether it’s hiring a photog local to their honeymoon spot, or inviting their wedding photographer back the next day for a post-wedding shoot. Some couples even get all dolled up, once again, in their wedding attire, while others are more about capturing the adventures that their honeymoons take them on.

So in honor of these celebratory sessions, we’ve got a guide for you featuring our fave honeymoon photographers in 5 popular honeymoon locations! First up, the Caribbean…

Caribbean wedding and honeymoon photographers: Photo by Karina / Asia Pimentel / Shoebox Photography Asia Pimentel Photo

(Photo by Asia Pimentel)

Photo by Karina

(Photo by Karina)

Shoebox Photography

(Photo by Shoebox Photography)

Next up, Paris.

Wedding and honeymoon photographers in Paris, France: vendor guide memberElodie Winter / Daria of Paris Happy Pictures / French Grey Photography / Claire Eyos / Pierre Atelier / Paulina Weddings Honeymoon photography by French Grey Photography

(Photo by French Grey Photography)

Paris wedding photographer - Paris Happy Pictures

(Photo by Daria of Paris Happy Pictures)

And check out their guide to 10 outdoor locales for portrait shoots in Paris! honeymoon photography by pierre atelier

(Photo by Pierre Atelier)

Honeymoon photographers in Italy: vendor guide memberCinzia Bruschinivendor guide member George Liopetas / Elisabetta Marzetti /  Kir & Ira Photography / Lisa Poggi / Bottega 53 Honeymoon session by Kir & Ira Photography

(Photo by Kir & Ira Photography)

Stylish Portofino elopement

(Photo by Bottega 53 from this stylish Portofino elopement)

Honeymoon photographers in Hawaii: Dmitri & Sandra / Wendy Laurel / Aria Studios / Roy Nuesca / Jana Dillon Photography Hana Maui honeymoon session from Dmitri & Sandra

(Photo by Dmitri & Sandra)

Roy Nuesca

(Photo by Roy Nuesca)

Honeymoon photographers in Mexico: Memory Box Photography / vendor guide member, Jillian Mitchell / Ana & Jerome / Sara Richardson Photo / Taryn Baxter

Sayulita Mexico couples session by Taryn Baxter

(Photo by Taryn Baxter)

Memory Box Photography

(Photo by Memory Box Photography)

Would you consider hiring a photographer to capture your honeymoon? Weigh in below!