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A little peek of Hitched

September 27, 2010

So while we do need a bit more time to put together our projects, we figured many of you are dying to see how the actual event turned out. And frankly, ladies, we can’t wait to share. Here’s a few snaps from around the event and a peek of our table and projects. HOPEFULLY one the lovely lady photogs, who were absolutely shooting their fingers off, have photos too because we came up woefully short in the documentation department when it comes to our table. Charley, Sarah, Bonnie, Annie? Any of you beauties have photos you might want to share?

In the meantime, here are some little bits for yous:

Plurabelle‘s gorgeous lettering in the Urbanic set up (which was also v. v. cute), and a nifty paint by numbers situation set up by Bash, Please. And a few bits of their awesome tablescape below.

The Smilebooth.

Enjoy! Cupcakes. Man, those were GOOD.

And the goody bag cubbies, with our most delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies, (those unsightly grease spots just mean we use lots of real butter for extra deliciousness.), Flashdance CDs (definitely a hot commodity if you don’t already have your own collection), and leave it to Danielle from Brown Paper Design to find anemones in September. Hopefully you’ve got a good supplier, lady, because you’re going to have brides knocking down your door! And there were tons more cute pressies too.

And some of our set up:

Vintage shears from Kate’s Paperie. Aren’t they the cutest? We couldn’t resist.

Our fabric and ribbon chandelier that hung over our table. You guys, it’s SUCH an easy project and adds so much to your decor!

Record jacket chargers! And vintage flower frog place card holders. Spray paint is our new best friend.

Our black kraft paper table runner, gussied up with ribbon and lace. (Pictured with an Heirloom LA cocktail. Sooooooooooooo delicious. So.)

And of course just a teeny bit of bunting. Which might end up at one of your weddings, if you’re lucky. Stay tuned.

We’ll be posting tutorials on the following projects during the next few weeks:

Fabric & ribbon chandelier
Colored mason jars
Farmer’s market flowers
Paper table runner
Paper rosettes

This is going to be fun.