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A little whimsy for the lapel

May 21, 2009

We saw these insanely cute bouts over on From I Will to I Do (Congrats on being a new mom, Anne!) and had to post them here for everyone to see. Fritts Rosenow, the baby brother of Rosenow Floral, creates custom, personality-fueled boutonnieres for grooms (and groomsmen, presumbably) to be. OMG, why did we not know of these before???


Let’s all cross our fingers that these little guys can quiet down the groom’s cake trend. Apologies to anyone who loves the idea of having a special themed cake for the groom, but really? No one even eats the wedding cake, let alone the one that looks like a putting green sitting next to it. Someone drag us down off the soapbox. And into a craft store where we can buy supplies to make these ourselves!

Fritts Rosenow and Rosenow Floral… awesomeness.