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Inspired florals from Dandelion Ranch

April 6, 2009

They had us with their name. And their insanely beautiful, textured, landscape-like floral arrangements of course. We made a pilgrimage to their studio a few weeks ago and seriously, their space is just as inspiring as their work with flowers and plants.

First a little peek into their portfolio:

dandelionranch5 dandelionranch7 dandelionranch81 dandelionranch13 dandelionranch14

We cannot get over their way with color and form and texture. Each arrangement looks like a little ark, crammed full of enough pretty plants to populate a needy, undiscovered island. Maybe we’re getting a little obsessed… but you know???

And then there’s the studio. Massive chalkboard walls, vintage french flower cans stuffed full of fresh branches and blooms, a back patio-cum-succulent nursery, and in every corner is a sweet little story made from objects and vessels and petals and color… We’ll just let the photos do the talking here…


That’s Clover Chadwick, proprietress and green thumb extraordinaire. We tried to get the scoop on her inspiration and her process but she gave all the credit to the flowers themselves. She goes to the flower market downtown every morning and then literally builds arrangements around the shape of the branches and the size of the blooms. Poetry, no?

dandelionranch3 dandelionranch4 dandelionranch11

Little snippets from her army of living material on the back patio. We found her interest in growing her own plants to be truly inspiring. She’s really not just a florist, but a horticulturist who happens to have an uncanny ability in the flower arranging department.


See?? Exceptional work, we thinks. For LA locals, Dandelion Ranch offers once a month classes on floral arranging. How fun would that be with your bridesmaids? Especially if you’re thinking of doing your own flowers for your wedding.

For lots more pretty portfolio shots and to contact them about your event or their classes, go to their website: dandelionranch.com

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