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If you were at our in-store event with Crate and Barrel a bit ago you got to peek at the giveaways that three couples walked away with that day. One of those was a honeymoon with Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels. We’re pretty jelly of the lucky couple who gets to honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, especially since we know firsthand what an incredible experience Mr & Mrs Smith offers up with all of their destinations. Lots of to-be-marrieds were interested in learning more about these particular honeymoon spots, so today we’ve got a little more info, starting with Sublime Samana in Dominican Republic:

Sublime Samana in Dominican Republic

Highlights include a private oceanfront hideaway, Dominican inspired cuisine, and an all-natural beach spa. It’s a suites-only retreat that also has lots to do if you feel the need to venue past its private beach, like tennis, dining, and a canopied daybeds at the pool (see below).

Sublime Samana in Dominican Republic

…But you’d totally find us here. Forever and ever.

Sublime Samana pool in Dominican Republic

Okay, maybe we’d pop over here too.

Sublime Samana spa in Dominican Republic

Next up, Casas del XVI in Dominican Republic

Casas del XVI in Dominican Republic

A completely different, equally amazing experience in a historic city.

Casas del XVI in Dominican Republic

The hotel itself even has an antique vibe, which is really perfect for an adventurous couple that wants to soak up the history while at the same time being quite possibly the most relaxed ever:

Casas del XVI in Dominican Republic

See what we mean? If you’re looking for more honeymoon ideas with Mr & Mrs Smith, check out our other guides:

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Amghala Makhali on Feb 29, 2016

Indore and outdoor both are beautiful. bedroom is just fantastic and able to provide such a marvelous experience for honeymoon couple.

Elle on Feb 28, 2016

Now this is what I call a honeymoon!

Marcia Gray on Feb 27, 2016

Everything is beautiful. An excellent choice for a honeymooners out there! Asian Directory

Sarah Chancey on Feb 26, 2016

We take a trip every year to the Dominican Republic to get away and renew our marriage / it's such a relaxing and beautiful place!

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