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Valentine’s Day cake inspiration

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valentines day flower cake inspiration

Ladies and gents, we’ve got you covered come dessert time on Valentine’s Day. If you’re taking your sweetheart out to dinner and want to end the night with a little bubbly & sweet treat, this is for you. You know you’d love to make something special for your babe, yes? Maybe you’re not a baker, yet making a pretty cake seems like a great idea. Well it is now! Check out our easy solution after the jump and thank us later.

valentines day flower cake inspiration

valentines day flower cake inspiration

valentines day flower cake inspiration

valentines day flower cake inspiration

valentines day flower cake inspiration

valentines day flower cake inspiration

valentines day floral cake inspiration

Here’s the perfect solution: go to your local baker and have them make a simple 5″ cake (perfect for the two of you). We choose a strawberry filling with white cream cheese icing from Hotcakes Bakes. Pick up the cake and some pretty flowers on your way home (we used roses and ranunculus). Cut the stems and place them ever so delicately on your cake. Add berries, pop the bubbly and turn on those smooth R&B jams.

valentines day flower cake inspiration

valentines day cake inspiration

Super easy, right? And it’s the perfect way to end Valentine’s Day (or any holiday for that matter) on a romantic note!

photos by Scott Clark Photo

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  1. I love those mini heart sprinkles! I just want to eat it all up!

  2. Valentine’s Day cake inspiration http://t.co/BPv7qHVU

  3. Valentine’s Day cake inspiration http://t.co/OmJcf1iO #undefined via @100layercake

  4. nice photos the cakes really good to eat.

  5. Okay. That looks amazing. I want to eat it right now!! I love the massive amounts of flowers (and raspberries) on top of the cake.

  6. And now I’m fiending for some champagne and cake. Damn you afternoon lull. http://t.co/AA0X1pPw

  7. A Valentine’s Day dessert anyone can “make”: http://t.co/SNfMUaxP

  8. so pretty & YUM. But when you said smooth R&B jams R.Kelly kept playing in my head (WTF!?) Probably not what you meant :)

  9. such a lovely, pretty cake! ♥ looks yummy too! =) Valentine’s Day cake inspiration http://t.co/kzw56tRi #undefined via @100layercake

  10. @chandra Oh, definitely not referencing R. Kelly. Maybe we should update to just say Sade :)

  11. Perfectly beautiful. So simple and elegant!

  12. The colors are amazing! Valentine inspiration, indeed.

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