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We have a fun follow up to our super cute Ice Cream Parlor post, for those of you who love the look of a big handwritten sign at your reception. Jenna had the idea to offer two options for the oversized menu sign she created for our shoot: one being the real deal and one being an equally cute, more budget friendly option.

The splurgey option is the handwritten sign. She charges around $500 to create your menu (or whatever sign you like!) directly on the chalkboard. Which is just as yummy as the ice cream itself, as you can see.

But she had another idea for people who love the look, but are working on a tight budget. She can create your sign and then have it blown up and printed for around $200. The quality isn’t the same and you lose some of the texture and charm of a real chalkboard, but it’s such a great option if that extra $300 could be better spent somewhere else!

We should also note that Jenna‘s fees are determined by the size and scope of each individual project. The prices noted above are intended to help you get a sense of how much projects like this cost. Hope this helps with your planning!

We’re thinking of making “Save or Splurge” a regular column on 100LC. What do you guys think?

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Social Love

Nicole on Apr 13, 2011

I love the idea of a 'save or splurge' - sometimes I love the style or idea but can't justify spending big. And other times, it's something I'm totally up for putting down the $$. A great idea for all planners!

Caroline on Apr 13, 2011

Yes! 'Save or Splurge' is an awesome idea!

Julie Blanner on Apr 13, 2011

I think that's a great idea! Blogs provide wonderful inspiration, but inspiration shoots don't always provide a realistic expectations for brides and their budget. I look forward to the new series!

Hilary on Apr 13, 2011

I would love to see more "save or splurge"!

Cindy on Apr 13, 2011

Love the Save or Splurge idea!

Michelle | GOLD-HEARTED GIRL on Apr 13, 2011

I would definitely go with save! This way, you can transport it easily. Like if you move houses or something, it's easy. :)

Byanka on Apr 13, 2011

Yes, please!

sarah on Apr 13, 2011

I love the save or splurge column idea! yes!

Jenn on Apr 13, 2011


lara on Apr 13, 2011

YES! I luv the SAVE or SPLURGE options....with weddings, sometimes it is all 'bout the Benjamins, and sometimes it is all 'bout the ball-breakin-budget! But I love the pros and cons of both. And Jenna is so super talented it would be great to see her work on a regular basis too!

Lindsay L on Apr 13, 2011

Yes! Please make spluge or save a regular post. Great idea!!

mary on Apr 13, 2011

love the idea for SAVE or SPLURGE

Elizabeth Glass on Apr 13, 2011

yes please!

Christie O. {Hinsight Bride} on Apr 13, 2011

Yes please, make it a regular feature. What a fabulous idea!

jenny @ albeit... on Apr 13, 2011

wooo yes please!! WOULD love to see many more of these!!! SO CLEVER!

Kate on Apr 13, 2011

I love this idea! I'm always down for straight up inspiration, but the breakdown of how much it costs AND how to do it cheaper? Bonus!

Greer on Apr 13, 2011

Oh how I love calligraphy....!

Jennifer on Apr 14, 2011

great idea! keep 'em coming!

kristen on Apr 14, 2011

YES! save or splurge column, please. what a FABULOUS idea!

kristy on Apr 14, 2011

We love the "save or splurge" idea as a regular feature on your blog. Different brides put prioritize differently and that is the essence of giving a wedding personality. Helping them make choices is always a great idea!

jenn {bow tie & bustle} on Apr 14, 2011

I completely ADORE Jenna's calligraphy! I think the splurge is well worth it, but the save is totally brilliant! Loved this post!

Christine on Apr 14, 2011

I would love it if you had the save and splurge feature regularly. It's a big help to brides on a budget that still want a high-end look.

Hannah Aarsvold on Apr 15, 2011

LOVE the idea of a recurring "Save or Splurge" post! There are so many great ideas & it's tough to figure out where to spend the money. This topic is important for us brides-to-be! ;-) Thanks for a great start to the series!!

Alex on Apr 19, 2011

I love the Save & Splurge idea, but every time I see something that I could do myself and not pay $500 for, I cringe! It would be lovely to see the comparison, but I think I'd often go for the Save!

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