27 Aug

Colorful handmade wedding: Angie + Tyson

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This ridiculously cute wedding shot by kamp photography was sent to us by Erin Sullivan (Thanks, Erin!) and we were beside ourselves in desperation to share it. Angie and Tyson are both Etsy vendors and it’s pretty obvious that they’re way into handmade. So many super cute details, we’re on overload. And everyone is so STYLISH, aren’t they?

You can see more over at Green Wedding Shoes and Design*sponge

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  1. Oh, my goodness! I was already thinking, this has got to be my favourite wedding that you’ve ever posted… and then I saw the red, turquoise and yellow chairs, and I kid you not, my jaw dropped, and I gasped, and promptly saved a picture to my “Inspiration” folder (which is really just my excuse for saving photos containing ridiculous amounts of eye candy). Just… wow. Such a stunning event.

  2. WOW! Gorgeous! Amazing details.

  3. Wow, love all the bunting, flags, color! And really dig the brides boho chic style

  4. Spectacular images! Angie and Tyson, as well as the photographer, really know how to make things with style.


  5. I am terribly in love with all the little details and coors ofthis beautiful wedding.

  6. Sooo cute! I love all the colors, and the fact that the bridesmaids dresses do not match. :)

  7. Those pictures are truly amazing.

  8. Oh my word! I want to steal this wedding, substituting myself and my groom of course… but everything else = WANT!!! ♥

  9. How cute is the kazoo wedding march! (Since there’s no sound, I assume it was for the wedding procession)

  10. Wow! I love the color scheme. This is gorgeous.

  11. Oh my word! I want to steal this wedding,

  12. Brilliant ideas in this wedding. It is so full of lovely details yet still looks simple and fun. I especially love the school chairs. What color; what fun!

  13. I still cannot believe that dress was $5…AMAZING!

  14. I love, love, love the colors! All the details work so nicely together. And the photos are fantastic!

  15. This whole post, including photography, details, warm sunlight, all of it, is absolutely, beautiful!!!

  16. beautiful wedding

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