Backyard Aussie wedding: Kirsty + Joost

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This morn we have a super sweet Aussie wedding held at the groom’s family home in Jaspers Brush, NSW (south of Sydney). The property was once a strawberry farm run by Joost’s parents and the couple carried the theme through their wedding.


They were married under a cedar tree at the back of the property, where Joost and his friends used to camp out as kids.

Kirsty’s amazing headpiece was made by her friend Michelle Collison of Shady Fig. She incorporated strawberries and strawberry leaves in a nod to the history of their venue.




They were married by Kirsty’s mum (we have to use the proper Aussie lingo) and their two children Oscar and Ruby were integral parts of the celebration.

The food was catered by Joost’s old friend and mentor who drove five hours with two other chefs to be there. The cake was made by Joost’s mum and Kirsty’s dad made the beer. They’re into food these families. Kirsty and Joost met when she opened a cafe and asked if Joost’s bakery could supply the bread. Cute, right?





For favors, Joost baked fig and walnut bread and Kirsty screen printed cute wrapping bags.


Love the luminarias in flour sacks!




Gorgeous day Kirsty and Joost. Congrats and thank you so much for sharing with us!

Photography: Jonas Peterson / Dress: Toni Maticevski for Myer (on crazy sale for $100!) / Flowers & headpiece: Shady Fig / Venue: home

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Social Love

Elizabeth @ Dapper Paper on Mar 24, 2010

She looks so pretty and earthy! And I agree: those luminarias are such a great idea!

Elizabeth on Mar 24, 2010

i love the maturity and humility in the faces and accoutrements, all of which reflect meaning, rather than opulence. beautiful!

Jenny on Mar 24, 2010

That is one beautiful wedding! I love the style of the photos and the natural, outdoor set up

Album Boutique Team on Mar 24, 2010

So beautiful! I love the setting and the large cedar tree - and all the elements to tie in their location. Thanks for sharing!

Emily Porter on Mar 24, 2010

Love Jonas, love this wedding. Great moments captured.

Meg Sylvia on Mar 24, 2010

Loving the natural feel of the wedding elements. on Mar 24, 2010

this wedding is so perfect! Love the casual beautiful style that came together!

lydia {ever ours} on Mar 24, 2010

love how simple the details are. but more importantly, i adore under the tree weddings!! so gorgeous.

Shawn on Mar 24, 2010

Elegant simplicity. It's good to see the poms, as we'll be doing the same. Thank you for sharing what must have been an incredible day!

Shyla on Mar 24, 2010

I adore the feel of this wedding. Her headpiece is spectacular and I love the "love bread" and simple color palate, exquisite taste!

Emily on Mar 24, 2010

the breadbags, flourbag candles, and table settings are delightful!

noa (feather love photography) on Mar 24, 2010

ABSOLUTELY stunning wedding!! i love every freaken detail.

EvaBabeDesigns on Mar 24, 2010

I love the screen printed bag idea!

laurel on Mar 24, 2010

the centerpieces are so beautiful!! great job!

rebecca on Mar 24, 2010

Simple elegance! Very nice!

Bonnie on Mar 25, 2010

Love it all..and I love the gorgeous vintage bottles on the tables...; )

Erin on Mar 25, 2010

The photography is goregous. The last 3 photos are amazing! And, love the love bread!

kristi@lovelyvelo on Mar 25, 2010

love, love, love the birds! so whimsical and pretty.

Four Winds on Mar 25, 2010

That head wreath is a work of art! So lovely - Thanks!

Audra Colpitts - Vancouver Photographer on Mar 25, 2010

So many amazing wedding details here. I've never seen anyone do a loaf of bread for a wedding favour, but it fits perfectly. Love it!! (Beautiful photos, Jonas!)

Amy A on Mar 25, 2010

Oh, lovely! More fantastic work from Jonas! (PS: I'm pretty sure the Myer link should be

Aron on Mar 26, 2010

so pretty!

stylemadesimple on Mar 26, 2010

Gorgeous pictures! Her headpiece was absolutely adorable. Visit us at to find out more styling tips!

Sara @ Growing Tree Photography on Mar 26, 2010

So sweet. Beautiful images. Love it!

Mark Tierney on Mar 28, 2010

Cool photos - love the details! Cheers Mark

bridal girl on Mar 28, 2010

Great wedding in here. Everything was captured in a really fantastic way. I love the couple and their families.

lo on Mar 29, 2010

fig and walnut bread, yum! This wedding is beautiful.

gem on Mar 30, 2010

I love the feel and pretty much everything about this wedding, I would love to do the same for mine in 2011 but i am totally bedazzled by the idea, i mean, what happens about caterer, electricity. toilets!!?? would love for someone to shine some light for me as our wedding will be in catalonia in spain and hiring a piece of land grabs me way more than a "wedding hotel" venue , any thoughts would be welcome.....

kirsty on Mar 30, 2010

hi gem, bride (kirsty) here! thanks for your comment and compliments! I am no expert in wedding organisation but I'm more than happy to bounce ideas with you and share my experience, send me an email if you like :)

brent on Mar 30, 2010

nice photography

BrideSmiling Wedding ShowCase on Mar 30, 2010

DIY Wedding ShowCase

Dana on Apr 6, 2010

Hi!! I absolutely LOVE the love bread and the printed bags....where did you get the bags? Thanks!!

kirsty on Apr 6, 2010

Hi dana, I made them myself -- if you can sew in a straight line then anyone can make them! and the screen printing is pretty straight forward too. I used the easy technique of using clear contact paper (is that an australian term?) to make a mask and then sticking it to the silk screen. good luck!

Canada flowers delivery on Apr 8, 2010

Stunning shots, watching them feels like listening to some Arctic Monkeys or watching streams of vintage-y art (see bisaya short films in youtube. It's just a marvel, and in a very unassuming non-overwhelming laid-back kind of way. ALL wedding should find essence here.

Kristy on Apr 11, 2010

What are your centerpieces? I don't know much about flowers but I love the look of the variety of greenery.

kirsty on Apr 12, 2010

hi kristy, I used a mix of lotus pods, brunei and native gum.... not sure of the name of the green leaves with the yellow edges as my friend cut these from a bush from someones garden the day before the wedding! x

Kristy on Apr 13, 2010

Thank you!!!

Bret Turner on Apr 26, 2010

Hi! Love the post. I apologize if I missed this detail, but I am wondering how on earth the groom managed to provide fresh bread for the wedding?! I am planning a wedding and I love baking, and this is something I am definitely interested in doing. Did he freeze the bread? Bake it all the day before? Did he have help? Anything you can tell me to help me on my quest to give out fresh bread as favors would be greatly appreciated :)

kirsty on Apr 29, 2010

Hi Bret, Joost owns his own sourdough bakery so that made it easy for us... their baking starts at 2pm in the afternoon and finishes at around midnight (he had to work the night before the wedding too!!) he had staff to help of course so it wasn't so much of a huge undertaking. I encourage you to do it as we had some much wonderful response from our guests... many of them had it for breakfast the next day and loved it. best of luck! (ps. we allocated one loaf per couple)

Amy on Apr 29, 2010

Kirsty, your wedding is just amazing! I only today booked my wedding down at Silos in Berry - looking at these photos is like looking at exactly how we want our day to be! Can I please pick your brain - where did you sources the pom poms, flowers (other than those you picked), little jars etc? Oh and is your husband at the Berry Sourdough Cafe? If so I had lunch there yesterday and it was great. Are they open for dinner? Cheers

kirsty on Apr 30, 2010

hi amy, thanks so much. feel free to email me and I'd be happy to share ideas... are you local? i know a lot of good local resources so I'd be happy to help.

Lydia on Jul 15, 2010

I love the little bird hang tags. I saw some just like them on makes me smile :)

Stella Photography on Feb 9, 2011

Congratulation! You guys look so fantastic and happy! All your photos are so stunning! Happy wedding! Thanks for sharing!

Rob Bamford on Nov 20, 2011

Great set of Photo's - Very atmospheric. Love the shots shooting into the Sun.

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Marcel | fotografia ślubna warszawa on Jun 3, 2014

Beautiful details, beautiful people, beautiful everything.

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