Cheese Table by Sunday Suppers

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We thought we’d start the week off with something simple and pretty. And delicious. Because who in their right mind doesn’t love a good cheese spread?

Sunday Suppers put together this yummy, beautiful spread. Wouldn’t it be a nice addition to a wedding reception or any sort of party one might throw? We’re saving it in our hostessing files for sure.







photos by: Karen Mordechai for Sunday Suppers

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Social Love

Sarah on Jan 18, 2010

Oh my! A cheese table? That's how you know it's a fancy party.

anthony teo on Jan 18, 2010

I love the rustic feel of the table setting... very lovely

Leila Khalil| Wedding Publicist| Be Inspired PR on Jan 18, 2010

i want to sit down to this plate of cheese.. but it just needs a whole table of whine sitting right next to it too :)

Leila Khalil| Wedding Publicist| Be Inspired PR on Jan 18, 2010

ok i meant sit at the table of cheese and see a table of Wine next to it. wow... what a long day. ( and no i haven't had any wine yet!)

April on Jan 18, 2010

The dessert table looks tempting with all the cheese!Where's the wine? Hhhm a lovely bottle of wine would surely complete the picture. I love the flower table centerpiece though, quite lovely and elegant.!!!

Lauren @ Every Last Detail on Jan 18, 2010

WOW, I love this! As a couple who are lovers of cheese, my husband and I wanted to have some sort of use of cheese in our wedding...we were even going to name tables after different cheese (alas, we ended up with over 25 tables, so that turned out to be difficult)! I wish we had thought of something like this!! Awesome!

jen rau on Jan 19, 2010

yum, gorgeous, and brilliant. i love featuring cheese for special events. it just feels so luxurious.

Kirby on Jan 19, 2010

I"m planning an engagment party right now and when I saw this post I knew exactly what we were going to do! We have been going with a french theme while planning and this will be a great addition to our party!

Meg @ Sienna Wedding on Jan 19, 2010

What an excellent idea! The table looks so pretty and delectable.

Sarah on Jan 19, 2010

Oh this is amazing! I could eat gorgeous cheeses like this for every meal every day and be the happiest girl alive... I think it would make for a lovely bridal shower!

Molly Jean on Jan 19, 2010

stunning in its simplicity!

ajb on Jan 19, 2010

love the combo of the muted color palette mixed with the different textures and (presumably) scents of the cheeses. sensory perfection.

Ashley on Jan 20, 2010

Simply amazing! I have been trying to get inspiration for food that is tasty AND visually interesting, and the way the cheeses are laid out is ridiculous! Some times I can't stand how cute things are! LOVE

Malinda Kay Nichols on Jan 20, 2010

Awesome in so many ways! I love that it looks like a dessert table, but it's cheese. So clev.

Dreams Riviera Cancun weddings on Jan 20, 2010

Love the idea of cheese table.

Missy on Jan 20, 2010

What a stunning post! Thank you for the inspiration. Who knew cheese could be so pretty :)

heather-one love on Jan 22, 2010

Love the light in these and what a great idea.

Theresa on Jan 25, 2010

How did you do the little signs with white ink on yellow paper? Are they handwritten or printed? I am sorry to ask such a pragmatic question about the most beautiful cheese table ever seen :-)

Candice, on Jan 27, 2010

amazingness really?

Austin Web Developer on Oct 23, 2011

When visiting blogs, I normally discover a very good content material like yours

jacin on Jan 24, 2013

do you know where the linen on the table came from? is it cheese cloth?

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