Festive Glitter Votives

As with any holiday, it’s kind of a must for us to add a bit of sparkle wherever we can. That’s why we’re sharing this easy peasy DIY with you. We made these glitter votives to decorate our holiday mantel in a matter of minutes and they’re such a fun way to brighten up your holiday (or wedding) decor, keep all year round or make as gifts!

You will need: 

- Clear votives

- Mod Podge

- Glitter

- Candles

For the polka dot votive, dip the end of your finger in Mod Podge and dot the glass all over. Sprinkle some glitter over it and let it dry.

For the ombre votive, apply more Mod Podge to the bottom (or top, depending on which way you want the ombre) of the votive. Gradually apply to the other half, leaving a quarter inch with no glue. Sprinkle glitter and let it dry. 

For this beauty, apply a thick coat of Mod Podge to the lower half of the votive, sprinkle glitter and let it dry.

How easy and beautiful is that?