Ribbon & Fabric Chandelier

If you have some time on your hands, you can create this easy and fun DIY which would make such a great bit of decor over your dessert table, over the bar, maybe even to mark the ceremony space. 

We started with the fabric, because it’s the least expensive and you will most likely have the most of it. Which means you can set up the shape of your chandelier before you add the pretty details. We decided to give ours a slight triangluar shape, but you could easily just have all your pieces hang straight across.

Before you start adding the fabric, find a way to hang the dowel so you can accurately gauge the length of your pieces. We hung ours between the kitchen counter and the stove. Next tie your fabric strips to the dowel in whatever order you like.

First you need to choose your colors, your fabric, your ribbon and whatever else you want to include. We used fabric, ribbon, lace, and even little strips of neon leather.

Once you have all of your fabric attached, give your fabric strips a haircut! Trim the lower ends so they make whatever shape you choose. And give the upper ends a little snip so they look nice and neat, but still a bit loose.

And now you can add the pretty details. We added each type of ribbon and lace (we had at least three different styles of each), one at a time so we could space each style out across the length of the chandelier. With these, you can trim as you go, since the shape has already been determined by the fabric.

See? Easy! Creating the shape is the hardest part and it’s not that hard. To hang ours, we just tied together a bunch of our extra fabric strips to make long fabric strands. You can just tie the ends to whatever you’re hanging it from.