Floral Garland by Local Social

Remember that cute brunch we posted from Local Social? They’re back to share the garland they made for their buffet table. Yay. We’re going to let them lead with the instructions. Here goes:

Step 1. Get your tools ready. You’ll need a pair of pruning sheers, some garden wire cut in about four inch strips, wire cutter, and of course flowers.

Step 2. Pick out your favorite flowers and get your tools ready. Mixing up some greens with a couple accent colors worked for us. Make sure to ask your florist for hardy flowers that won’t wilt too quickly. Once you put this together, there is no real easy way to keep it fresh. Ours lasted for 2 days without water and a little spritzing.

Step 3: Start putting together a mini bouquet/arrangement of your flowers. Once you are satisfied, loop a wire around to secure the bundle. Make more.

Step 4: Once you have enough bundles, you can begin putting them together. Overlap the first bundle over the second so the stems are not visible. Take wire and bind together being careful to weave in between the top bundle in order to make the wire as conspicuous as possible.

5. Continue until you have made your garland as long as you want. Make sure any weak points are secure with more wire. Now is the time to patch up any holes with extra flowers and stems.

Photography: DIY photos by Local Social / first and last photo by Emily Takes Photos.