Hidden Message Locket Gift

Erin Jang of The Indigo Bunting created this very simple idea for a bridesmaid gift – a vintage locket with a hidden personal note for your friend folded up inside.

You will need:

- An assortment of vintage gold or brass lockets (one for each bridesmaid, maybe even an assortment of different shaped lockets based on what you think each girl might like). I purchased this vintage ball locket from etsy.com; you can find all kinds of affordable lockets (I saw many between about $15 to $45). I like how unadorned it looks, and I requested that the seller extend the chain to about 25” for a more attractive length.

- Patterned decorative paper; one side should be plain white.

- Use an X-Acto knife or paper cutter to produce straight thin strips. The height of the paper should be less than the diameter of the locket’s interior. The length of the paper will depend on what you write on the backside.

Love this little locket!

Cut out short strips of paper, depending on the size of the locket.

Write a personal note, anything you want, on the back of the paper strips. It can be a meaningful quote, a funny inside joke, an important memory you shared or just simple words about how much you’ve cherished her friendship all these years.

Fold up the paper accordion-style (again, make sure the width of your folds are not more than the diameter of the inside of the locket). Place the folded-up paper inside the locket and close. 

When your friend opens up her locket, the little note will pop out.

Voila! Hope this inspires you to make something sweet for your best gals.