Soda Pop Escort Cards

Mimi of Mika 78 created these Soda Pop Escort Cards (feel free to use any drink from a signature cocktail to champagne). These are especially great for spring or summer outdoor weddings – it will help your guests cool off on their way to the dinner table!

You will need:

- Adhesive paper

- Xyron machine

- Paper punch

- Bottles and straws

Step 1: Print your label design (fit as many as you can on your sheet).

Step 2: Using your Craft Punch, punch your labels one by one. It helps to turn the puncher around so you see the center.

Step 3: If you’re using a Xyron Machine, run your labels through – face side up.

Step 4: Peel off your label.

Step 5: Carefully stick the label onto your bottle.

Step 6: Repeat until done – how easy is that?

Detail (optional): I like to apply heart flags to my straws as an added detail. I purchased these heart stickers by Martha Stewart Crafts at Michael’s, but you can use any shape sticker you find. It’s a nice little touch!

Be sure to come up with a signature drink or soda you want to use on your big day. Have someone fill the bottles right before guests arrive to pick them up – you want these ice cold and refreshing! (TIP: It helps to use a funnel to fill the bottles) If you’re feeling really crafty, these labels work just as great with the fabric tutorial I showed you yesterday. The fabric labels are a bit more time consuming, so it works great for smaller, more intimate gatherings.