Modern painted chargers

Think outside the typical charger concept, and create your own! The uber talented, and creatively mind-blowing, girls at LB Events are sharing an easy way to add a little color pop to your table decor with these painted chargers. Read through the steps to create. Happy crafting!


Wooden "clocks" from Joann's or Michael's
Paint colors of your choice
Small paintbrushes
Painter's tape
X-Acto Knife or Box Cutter

Step 1:

Use the painter's tape to draw the lines you'd like. Next, use the X-Acto knife to slice the painter's tape into desired thinner lines.

Step 2:

Mix desired colors and let the painting begin!

Step 3:

Once you've completed painting, let dry, and remove painter tape.


How cute are cute are these? 

Project created by Hallie Slade of LB Events / Photos by Alders Photography & Stephanie Collins