DIY floral heart

This gorgeous project by Nikki of Je Adore and The Scalloped Window was featured in both her daughter Immi's 1st birthday, and Rylie's boho 2nd birthday over on Cakelet. It would make such a beautiful addition to any feminine party, don't you think. 


Faux flowers (Nikki recommends keeping them all in the same tones, as it really makes the number stand out, rather than a particular flower.)
Strong foam (You can find the foam at any craft store or floral supply store. Make sure it is at least 1" thick. Between 1-2 inches works best.)
Sharp serrated knife (A drywall knife works great.)
A cutout of your number, shape, or letter
5" of wire and ribbon to hang the finished piece (optional)

1. Tape you shape onto the foam. Using washi tape makes it extra cute!

2. With a sharpie trace the outline of your shape. 

3. Begin cutting. It's easier to cut off chunks at a time.

4. Cut florals so that you have about 1" of stem.

5. Insert stems into foam. Nikki recommends starting from the outside and working your way in. It really helps define the outline of the shape at the start.

6. Mix up the shapes, textures, size and colors of the flowers, while keeping within the same tone or color family. 

7. Display!

**Optional** With your wire, make a horse shoe shape. poke the wire through the foam and bend the ends over like a staple. The tuck under flowers. Loop a long ribbon through for hanging.