Gold Sequin Heart Installation

If this glitzy and glamorous heart looks familiar, that’s because it’s from our very own Amanda’s wedding! Designed by Bash, Please and crafted by Bramble Workshop, this show-stopping sequined DIY hung over the dessert table at Amanda’s bash, shimmering and glimmering while we all danced the night away. Jessica from Bramble Workshop is sharing all the secrets behind this DIY creation!

You will need:

- Cardboard

- Gold spray paint

- Gold sequins

- Masking tape

- Hot glue

Step 1: Print the heart template so that it tiles onto two letter-size pieces of paper. (You can download the template here.) Tape the pieces together, and cut it out.

Step 2: Trace the heart onto a piece of chipboard, cardboard, or foam core and cut this out.

Step 3: Ball up small pieces of newsprint and attach them to one side of the heart using masking tape. This adds dimension to the heart.

Step 4: Cover the whole surface with overlapping pieces of tape when complete. This will create a smooth surface so that less papier-mâché is required in the next step.

Step 5: Mix Celluclay (which can be purchased at art supply stores) according to the package’s instructions and spread a thin layer across the surface of the heart.

Step 6: Allow the papier-mâché to dry overnight. It’s helpful to weigh down the edges with something heavy like cans of paint so that the heart doesn’t warp. You can repair these areas after it’s dry.

Step 8: Attach sequins with a hot glue gun. I used a mix of two sizes of sequins, some flat and some faceted.

Step 9: A small picture hanging hook can be attached to the back if desired.

Now you can glam up your wedding, shower, or even your fireplace mantle. Thanks a million, Bash, Please and Bramble Workshop

(First and last photo by Max Wanger, DIY photos by Scott Clark Photo)

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