100 Layer Cake 5-year anniversary!

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It’s almost impossible to imagine that 100 Layer Cake is 5 years old this month. FIVE YEARS! So much has happened with our business and our personal lives in the last five years. We thought we’d take a minute to reintroduce ourselves to you all, old readers and new. Because it’s always nice to know who’s behind the scenes, don’t you think?

To celebrate the big 5, we had a fun portrait session with balloon artist Jihan Zencirli (of Geronimo Balloons) and photographer Jennifer Young. Together these two have formed the Art/Mo project, a traveling portrait studio specializing in festive, modern portraits. Art/Mo is headed to Stockholm and New York next, and to celebrate their travels, we’re giving away a session in New York during the first week of April, at the end of this post. You don’t want to miss it!

The ladies of 100 Layer Cake

Kristina of 100 Layer Cake

Kristina MeltzerProject starter, domestic goddess, and editor of Cakelet
When we started 100 Layer Cake, I was a newlywed! I was fresh from the high of my own wedding and filled with information and inspiration for the next crop of brides. Five years later I’m the mama to two beautiful little boys and as you can guess, what inspires me now is very different than in 2009. When we launched our family blog, 100 Layer Cakelet, last year, I became the editor for that branch of our business (naturally!). It’s always amazing to see our former brides be as inspired by their family celebrations as they were by their wedding. Life just keeps getting better, if you ask me.

What would you be doing if you weren’t running 100 Layer Cake? In a perfect world I’d be growing a beautiful garden, preparing delicious meals for my family, throwing dinner parties in my backyard, and savoring little moments with my boys while they are young.

If you were a creative wedding professional, what would you be? Floral designer, without a doubt!
Favorite flavor of cake? This carrot cake, forever.
Instagram: @kristina100lc
Pinterest: pinterest.com/kristinahm

Jillian of 100 Layer Cake

Jillian Clark – Fearless crafter, wife, mother and Editor of 100 Layer Cake
I remember like it was yesterday, asking our friends to share their weddings with us,in order to share fresh creative content for the site. And, even enlisting the help of my husband (poor guy) to shoot all sorts of my crazy ideas. It didn’t take long for the flurry of emails to take over our inboxes, full of creative DIY weddings and party ideas.  Today, 5 years later, I’m still so passionate about weddings, and eager as ever to find the perfect weddings and trends to share with you.

What would you be doing if you weren’t running 100 Layer Cake? My passion has always been to have my own business. Through the years I’ve dabbling in running a t-shirt line to event planning & design, so undoubtedly I’d be running some sort of creative business.

If you were a creative wedding professional, what would you be? Wedding planner!
Favorite flavor of cake? Flourless chocolate cake.
Instagram: @jilly100lc

Amanda of 100 Layer Cake

Amanda Dawbarn – Creative Director and Social Media Manager of 100 Layer Cake, and newlywed (1 year is still considered a newlywed, right?)
I’ve always loved entertaining friends, but I ventured into this wedding world 5 years ago without a lot of knowledge about weddings, per se. I had a computer and a dream to create and share ideas with people. 100 Layer Cake had very humble beginnings but with some talent and a little luck, we managed to carve out our own little gorgeous corner of the wedding world. I can still hardly believe it.

I was lucky enough to plan our engagement shoot and wedding after we started 100 Layer Cake, so the inspiration and resources were endless! I had the time of my life collaborating with industry friends, pushing my creative (and crafty!) boundaries and being inspired by all the beauty around me. And marrying my dream guy, of course.

What would you be doing if you weren’t running 100 Layer Cake? Fashion is definitely a passion of mine. I get so excited by color, shape and sparkle, so perhaps I’d own my own fashion accessories company? I’d spend all day surrounded by baubles, fabric and materials in a happy little studio.

If you were a creative wedding professional, what would you be? Invitation and paper designer!
Favorite flavor of cake? It’s a close tie between tres leche and carrot cake.
Instagram: @amanda100lc
Pinterest: pinterest.com/amanda_halbrook/

100 Layer Cake team

100 Layer Cake

The ladies of 100 Layer Cake

100 Layer Cake

100 Layer Cake Art/Mo portraits | 100 Layer Cake

100 Layer Cake Art/Mo portraits | 100 Layer Cake

We couldn’t celebrate our 5 year without sharing a few of our favorite wedding and highlights through the years too!

You gals have featured hundreds of weddings over the past 5 years. Do you have a favorite wedding or other moment on the blog that has really stood out?

First, it’s pretty near impossible pick just a few favorites from all of the beautiful events we’ve featured over the years. There are soooooo many good ones, with so many different styles, and so many different reasons to love each one. But here are few that have stood out along the way…

The Surprise Wedding: Marisa & John’s engagement party turned wedding, that they planned in just seven days, definitely stands out as a top feature for us. It was so sweet and so genuine and such a nice reminder of what the wedding is *really* about. You all loved it too!

Holly & Billy’s DIY wedding: This adorable wedding, planned and designed entirely by the bride, exemplifies the DIY wedding movement in such a perfect way. It felt like the beginning of something new for weddings and wedding photography… we and you were completely smitten.

Sonya and Davey’s Figeuroa Mountain Farmhouse wedding: The light, the venue, the perfect details, the rustic meets romantic style, this gorgeous event was just breathtaking.

Amanda and Nick’s sparkly pink & gold California wedding: We’re going to say that this wedding was the beginning of a new trend in a more sophisticated take on “DIY”. Sparkles, ruffles, soft peachy pink, gorgeous bridal style… we never get tired of seeing new variations on this theme. (See part 2 here.)

Andi & Jarret’s bohemian Ace Hotel wedding: This one again felt like the start of a new trend in weddings. Bohemian, fashionable, and design-centric, this style of wedding sparked not only new ideas in the wedding space, but also new businesses in our industry ! We can all agree we’re not tired of this indie-contemporary take on getting married.

Amanda & Tim’s glamorous retro California wedding: Naturally our own Amanda’s wedding is a highlight! Seeing her take on getting married, after being behind the scenes of this blog for so many years was amazing. (See part 2 here!)

Christina & Justin’s colorful, modern Northern California wedding: We love how fresh this very recent wedding by Enjoy Events Co. feels. And the florals. ZOMG!!!! It’s such a perfect take on classic modern, with just the right bit of current trends thrown in.

Share some ‘pinch me’ moments, when you realized what a success the site had become?
• Appearing on the Martha Stewart Show in 2009.
• Attending the Engage conference and speaking in front of so many talented wedding professionals.
• Telling someone outside of our industry what we do for work, and having their response be “Wait, YOU’RE 100 Layer Cake?!! I’ve been reading your blog for years!”
• And of course, seeing Amanda’s wedding in Martha Stewart.

Most importantly, we want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have supported us along the way. Readers, advertisers, vendors, and industry partners, you are the reason we’re here! We love this job and we are so thankful to you for making this site how we spend our days. As a tiny thank you to everyone, we’re spending the next few weeks sharing a series of giveaways with all of you!

Starting today, actually! Leave a comment below to enter our giveaway for an Art/Mo session in NYC during April 3rd-5th.

And again, thank you to Jennifer and Jihan for these ultra fun photos. We hope some of you will book a slot with Art/Mo in NYC and Stockholm next month!

Photography: Jennifer Young / Styling: Jihan Zencirli 

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sammy go on Feb 27, 2014

my birthday is april 4th! even though i'm in california, i'd find a way to get my butt over to nyc :)

Margarita on Feb 27, 2014

Congrats on your anniversary from an avid reader. Your family blog is a daily must read for me and your blog is a constant source of inspiration for my corporate hospitality job. I do live in NYC and would love to win an Art/Mo session for my family!

nicole on Feb 27, 2014

Happy 5 year anniversary! I love reading (and pinning) wedding inspiration from 100 Layer Cake <3 Winning a portrait session would mean so much to me, because even though I'm a wedding photographer, I have SO FEW photos of myself, and I would love to have a gorgeous new bio pic for my website that truly showcased my personality the way these portraits do!

Kendra on Feb 27, 2014

Congrats on 5 years! Started reading the blog last year, and am a huge fan!

Lisa on Feb 27, 2014

Happy anniversary ladies! You guys are so inspiring and I look forward to seeing more from one of my favorite blogs ever!

Caitlin H. on Feb 27, 2014

Congrats to some super cool chicks! My fiance and I would love some Art/Mo engagement photos! And, I could finally meet my girl crush, Jihan!!

Courtney on Feb 27, 2014

Great shoot ladies & congrats on 5 years!!! I have loved reading along the past 5 years!

anne-marie on Feb 27, 2014

Happy Anniversary, Ladies! I've been a fan since day one, and it's only gotten better.

Stephanie Elizabeth {Fab You Bliss} on Feb 27, 2014

What a fun post. Congratulations ladies, you've done a brilliant job!

Charlene Williams on Feb 27, 2014

Congrats ladies! So happy to see such success for you not only because of your immense talents but because you are amazingly sweet genuine gals.

stephanie on Feb 27, 2014

have I really been reading this blog for 5 years? I remember when you launched. Congrats! xo

carrie on Feb 27, 2014

congrats on 5 years! what a beautiful, inspiring space you've created. cheers.

Caitlin on Feb 27, 2014

A huge congrats! This blog has been an inspiration in this period of engagement- and I'm looking forward to continuing to read in the future. Thanks for everything you do- and dong it in style!

Johnetta on Feb 27, 2014

I love you guys and this site oh so much! I've been a loyal follower for years after happening upon the site one day to find some awesome inspiration for my own wedding three years ago. I look forward to finding more creative and unique inspo for years to come! Congratulations on 5 years!

Eve on Feb 27, 2014

Wonderful giveaway! Thank you for your great blog content over the years and the giveaway. cheers to many more site anniversaries! :)

Tamil nadu gazette name change list on Feb 27, 2014

I like your post very much...

Lauren O'Neill on Feb 27, 2014

Happy, happy anniversary, gals! Such a pleasure working with you way back when + on the flipside of Amanda's wedding in Martha Stewart :) So many great posts, ideas, inspiration, and more. This industry simply wouldn't be the same without 100LC. To many more, well-deserved years of success :) xoxoxo

Mary Herrington on Feb 27, 2014

You girls are the cutest!! Congrats on your 5th year! Come visit NYC soon! xxx

susankerr on Feb 27, 2014

Congrats on your anniversary. i am a new reader,and i am so happy to know all of u behind the scenes! U really did a very good job. hope 100layercake will be as excellent as it always was!

stephanie on Feb 28, 2014


Simone Gittens on Feb 28, 2014

Congrats to the team for celebrating 5 years. I truly enjoyed the interview questions as it is always interesting to learn more about the team behind a company I have been following for some time. Also, we love Art/Mo and can not wait until they arrive in NYC. Thanks for the giveaway!

Christina Goss on Feb 28, 2014

Thank you so much for your wonderful stories and inspiration. I'm a designer myself but for a completely different industry and never stop being inspired by your blog. I discovered it a few months before our wedding and it was a catapulting resource that ended up in an amazing wedding to my dream guy. Even my hubby has been inspired by your website, we never had a wedding video but with some of the amazing work i've shared with him from your website, my gift this year is a video he's making from guest's videos, I can't wait. :) Would be awesome to get the photo sesh, that's our 3 year anniversary week! And thanks for introducing yourselves!

caitlyn on Feb 28, 2014

this would be so fun!

Thea on Feb 28, 2014

Congrats ladies!! So happy for you and 5 years!! Cheers to keeping it up and going strong for 5 more!!! p.s. I don't need to be entered in the raffle :)

Elyse G. on Feb 28, 2014

My fiancee and I fell in love when we both happened to be in New York the same weekend visiting friends. A session with Art/Mo would be a wonderful reminder of our love story. *fingers crossed*

Maggie [The Freckled Citizen] on Feb 28, 2014

I'd absolutely love a family shoot featuring our new baby Hazel!

Sloane on Feb 28, 2014

Congratulations to the ladies of 100 Layer Cake! You have definitely been a major source of inspiration for many many brides to me like myself and it seems like you guys have so much fun doing it. Thanks for playing a role in making my most special day perfect! Art/Mo safe travels to New York, we would love to be lucky enough to have a one-of-a-kind shoot with you.

Functionbands melbourne on Mar 1, 2014

Happy 5 year anniversary!

Amanda on Mar 1, 2014

Congratulations on your anniversary! I feel so lucky to have found your website recently. (I'm sure I'll leave my house soon when I take a break from paging through your archives!) I've been consumed by the gorgeous visuals, witty text and clever advice. I love that DIY projects have such prominent space on your site. Thanks for providing so much to savor!

Holeigh Abercrombie on Mar 3, 2014

eeeepp! 5 years! Congratulations, ladies! xoxo

Meridith on Mar 4, 2014

Congrats on a wonderful 5 years of sharing beautiful and inspirational images with your readers! Cheers to many more!

Camila on Mar 7, 2014

Yay! Congrats on 5 years! Hope it's not too late to enter the photoshoot give away. I love their portraits and would love to win one in NY!

Nicole Riley on Mar 15, 2014

5 years!! Congrats ladies!

Black N Bianco on Mar 28, 2014

Congrats on 100 layer cakes 5th year anniversary! Hope you guys are around for another successful 5 years!

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