Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse wedding: Sonya + Davey

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This post isn’t all about the light, but it COULD be. We’re talking golden hour here, people. As in everything is literally bathed in this beautiful blanket of, well, gold. And to make things bestest, Max Wanger was the photographer on hand. Plus Rebecca from Duet Weddings put the whole party together in a simple but masterful way. We almost stopped breathing when we saw what a delicious summer evening this wedding turned out to be.





Did you see those flowers??? And the light. Did we mention that we want to marry the light? Let’s all have lovely dreams of frolicking through fields of evening sunshine tonight, shall we? Followed by a cocktail sipped through a red & white spiral straw. That would be good.

Photography: the incomparable Max Wanger / Planning & Design: Duet Weddings / Flowers: Modern Day Design / Venue: Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse (SOMEBODY ELSE PLEASE GET MARRIED HERE!!!! and send us the photos) / And Jen from Green Wedding Shoes posted more pictures today too. Go see!

Social Love

Tereza Jardim on Aug 24, 2009

Oh gosh, I would if I could, for sure!!

katie on Aug 24, 2009

whoa whoa wait a minute... were those bottles with flowers their place cards?! BECAUSE I LOVE THAT IDEA! such a beautiful wedding, really.

Dana Cordova on Aug 24, 2009

Absolutely lovely. So simple, light and perfect. The wild flowers in mix matched vases are a GREAT touch!

Rachel Nickel on Aug 24, 2009

magnificent wedding! The light makes is seem so magical and surreal. Amazing.

Agnes D. on Aug 24, 2009

I want an ostrich to attend my wedding! Not fair...

Michelle May on Aug 24, 2009

This is one of the truly simplistic and perfectly captured weddings I have seen in a while. I love intimacy of last shot and knowing the foresight behind it makes it even more inspiring. max wanger, you don't miss a beat!

kate on Aug 24, 2009

Rebecca is a true talent. I love everything here and so beautifully captured by the photographer!

weddingchicks on Aug 24, 2009

all the flowers are incredibly lovely!

Katrine Ny on Aug 24, 2009

Oh my God it's so adorable! All of it!

lyndsey hamilton on Aug 24, 2009

absolute perfection--love, love, love rebecca's work! photos are gorgeous!

stephanie on Aug 24, 2009

More details on the details PLEASE! Where are those red & white straws from?!

brooke bowland on Aug 24, 2009

the flowers. WOW. love them. stunning wedding...

LibbyJames on Aug 24, 2009

Ohhhh, I am in love with the flowers. simply devine

Cookie Cutter on Aug 24, 2009

That table with bottles of flowers had me at hello!

rose on Aug 24, 2009

sigh... jádore

jesi haack weddings on Aug 25, 2009

oh man. stunning, and precious. All at the same time.

Erica Brooks on Aug 25, 2009

Everything looks lovely. The flowers and the centerpieces they were in were very clever.

Rebecca Stone on Aug 25, 2009

Thank you so much for such a gorgeous feature!!! Sonya & Davey's wedding is one that will always be near and dear to my heart, and seeing it here just puts such a smile on my face. And thank you for all of the lovely comments!! I must give major credit to Camille Panzarello of Modern Day Design for those beautiful flowers- she always does such incredible work. :) xoxo

Wedding Chicks on Aug 25, 2009

Gorgeous photographs! Absolutely love the photos of the nighttime reception!!

Sedona Bride { destination wedding photographers } on Aug 26, 2009

Wow! Just wow! The details and setting are simply stunning!

jo on Aug 26, 2009

beautiful wedding, and that last photo- speechless.

Erin on Aug 27, 2009

Absolutely gorgeous.

My Simple Details on Aug 27, 2009

I am in awe! The flowers and bottles are stunning and the wood desk. The quacker oats jar, perfect, and the ostrich, what can I say, it just makes me smile. I want to have to style a wedding shoot with an ostrich.

Lee Tran on Aug 27, 2009

Very beautiful and inspiring, this has sparked out our entire office. Thanks for the lovely post, I love the clever re-use of cans as vases and the small details as the tags on bouquets.

kate on Aug 28, 2009

beautiful, just beautiful. :)

amy on Aug 28, 2009

truly one of the most beautiful weddings i've ever seen! utterly gorgeous. the colors, the flowers, these photos. amazing.

life according to celia on Oct 7, 2009

i'm getting married there this saturday!!!!

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