DIY Feather-topped Drink Stirrers

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We did this cute little DIY project for our Boho Summer Party shoot coming up tomorrow – yummy feather drink stirrers! Such a fun addition to any girly, festive occasion. Bridal showers, baby parties, dinner parties, and obviously weddings! As a super bonus, we’re selling a limited number of DIY kits in our Pop-Up Shop starting tomorrow. Isn’t that so super fun? You can buy your own feathers and supplies, or pick up a kit tomorrow starting at 9AM, along with a ton of other awesome products we used in our shoot.

Firstly – assemble your supplies. If you purchase a DIY kit, you’re all set! All you need is scissors and a glue gun. If you’re purchasing your own supplies, gather a bunch of feathers (in different colors and sizes), a handful of bamboo skewers, and whatever trim you’d like to use to finish them off. We used gold, because we love gold. But you could totally use anything you like.

You can make a bunch of the exact same stirrer, or you can make all sorts of different ones that go together, like we did. If you purchased the kit, you’ll see that feather sizes and shapes vary, so you’ll have to figure out which go together best.

Start with your biggest feather first and position it in the direction you like. Add a spot of hot glue, and then affix the feather to the top of the stirrer.

Repeat with the second biggest…

… on down the line until you have them all arranged as you like them.

To add the trim, squeeze out a spot of glue at the lower part of the feather tips.

Attach the trim and wind it up the stirrer until it covers the messy part of the feathers. You might want to add another spot of glue midway, if you think it’s necessary. Then one more spot of glue at the top to attach the end of the trim.

Snip the remaining trim away from the stick, and voila! You can cut the stirrers down to size if you’d like them to match the height of your glasses. Or if you want to use these little beauties on a cake or cupcakes, leave the pointy end intact.

Happy crafting! Remember, our kits will be on sale tomorrow starting at 9AM Pacific. If you’re not on our mailing list and you want to be reminded the second our sales are live, add your email in the sign up field in the right column.

Here’s a little peek of what’s to come:

diy feather drink stirs

Lots more pretty inspiration, and more importantly – shopping – coming your way tomorrow!

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Kayla from Love Sparkle Pretty on Apr 9, 2012

Beautiful! I love the colors of the feathers :) Gives me some inspiration! THANK YOU! :)

Mrs Average Bride on Apr 9, 2012

Ooo lovely. Definitely loving the new trend of feathers.

charlotte boudoir photographer on Apr 9, 2012

This is the best idea for a mixed up mixer!

Burnett's Boards on Apr 9, 2012

These are so flirty! Love them!

MWH on Apr 9, 2012

How adorable! xoxo

Christie on Apr 9, 2012

Too cute! A lovely little thing to do on a Sunday afternoon : )

Natalie on Apr 10, 2012

These are a fun addition to party drinks. I can't wait to try making them for a bridal shower or even book club!

muhasebe programı on Apr 11, 2012

Thanks for sharing!

Veri Kurtarma on Apr 11, 2012

thank you this is nice blog

Laura on Jun 22, 2012

Absolutely gorgeous! I will share this in my weekend creative finds post. :)

M&J Trimming (@MJtrim) on Jun 24, 2012

DIY Feather-topped Drink Stirrers by @100layercake - so cute!

Deborah on Sep 28, 2012

Cute idea!

Topbeautydresses on Mar 7, 2013

Such a fun addition to any girly, festive occasion. Bridal showers, baby parties, dinner parties, and obviously weddings! Great ideas!

Blog Hacked on Jul 9, 2013

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vivo diamonds on Sep 9, 2015

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Vivo Diamonds on Sep 16, 2015

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