Vendor spotlight: Bagatelles

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We’re currently coveting Bagatelles handcrafted purses and clutches. When it comes to your bridesmaids, we’re thinking these would make one sweet gift. You can even have them personalized with their names! You have to go check out their etsy shop to see all the latest styles. Aside from the obvious love of hearing those metal brads snap, we can’t help but share that they’re designed, created and prettily packaged in their new studio in Paris, France. Made with the finest materials: cotton and silk Liberty fabrics, tie silks and vintage kimono textiles, the results are quality and unique items, handcrafted with passion and artisan savoir-faire. Oui! Oui!

Bagatelles handbags

Make sure to check out their new website and like them on Facebook!

Social Love

Amanda Felsman on Nov 8, 2011

Cute! I love Clutches as bridesmaid gifts!

Nicole on Nov 8, 2011

These are just absolutely charming! Perfect gift ideas for bridesmaids, I agree... but it's also a nice gift suggestion for the coming holiday season, right? C: Nicole of JAF Gifts

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