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You all know East Side Bride, right? Clearly. She’s pretty much the queen when it comes to indie wedding style. She’s come over today as a guest columnist with an installment of her ever-popular, v. funny, always perfectly poignant, “Dear ESB“. Yay!

Here we go:

Dear ESB,

I am having a shoe dilemma. I attached a picture for your perusal (Phillip Lim Fall 2007). I will be getting married next summer in Big Sur, most likely among the Redwoods. Our wedding will be very small and pretty casual (just my finance and I and our parents). The black sash is removable and I’ve been debating about replacing it with a vintage brown leather belt, but either way I’m still unsure about the shoes. Not sure what the best style of shoe would be for the dress length. I’m currently leaning toward a shoe in a color, but I’m open to other suggestions. Would greatly appreciate your opinion on the matter.

– J


I searched and searched for the perfect pair of chunky grey wedges. (Frankly, the teal pair that Kaz wore still has me reeling.) And then I happened upon these pointy red babies by Sigerson Morrison. Rrrrrawr.

Just beware of buying your shoes too far in advance. A pair you are totally in love with now might feel totally meh when the new shoes come out for spring.


p.s. Ditch the black sash if you go with red shoes. The color combo is much too Viva La RevoluciĆ³n for Big Sur.

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Tonia on Oct 14, 2010

YES! Perfect shoes for that dress! I love that they are suede. Natural textures and materials like that are perfect for an outdoor wedding. I love the color as well. And the dress. You're going to be a knock-out!!

holli on Oct 14, 2010

esb is dead on about the sash. sick shoes.

Celia on Oct 14, 2010

first off, that dress is AMAZING, and the shoes will be a perfect match. i'm definitely with esb on skipping the sash if you're going to do red shoes, though. red and black always reminds me of madonna's "la isla bonita" video, and not in a good way. and yes, WAIT to get your shoes. i bought mine in the spring and my wedding wasn't until the fall, and i highly regretted it. but also, don't wait last minute like a friend of mine who bought them a week before the wedding, and was too stressed out to pick a good pair.

Angie on Oct 14, 2010

That dress is AMAZING. Add the shoes and the whole is killer. I agree, ESB nailed it.

Kathryn on Oct 14, 2010

The shoes ARE great. To match, how about this red belt from Anthro, worn with the buckle in back so it looks more like a sash? http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=19325745&navAction=jump&search=true&parentid=SEARCH_RESULTS

beets on Oct 14, 2010

those shoes are insanely awesome. well done, esb.

Kristyn on Oct 14, 2010

After trying furiously to catch up on every post you have ever written, ESB, I have decided that it would be great if you could just design everything for me. Your taste is impeccable, and your advice is dead on. Impressive.

Cmk on Oct 14, 2010

ESB is always right. How adorable!!

gia on Oct 14, 2010

Dear ESB, You *always* see it -- and say it -- just how it is.

lydia {ever ours} on Oct 14, 2010

ESB just knows how to get it done.

What Possessed Me on Oct 14, 2010

Like it. Like it A LOT.

Kyli on Oct 14, 2010

Yes to the shoes, chuck the sash -- but don't add a brown belt -- it is awesome just as it is.

Asiya A on Oct 14, 2010

Hey, I love the shoes for a fall-ish, or even early spring wedding, when the weather is still a bit chilly. But maybe they might not work in the summer when things get warmer? Especially because they are suede. With all the orange coming out for spring, that would be a good colour combo with the brown belt idea...maybe? I dunno.

Marie Eve on Oct 14, 2010

Great shoes, but does this standout dress REALLY need a sash? I think the shoes would work well on their own (with, perhaps, crimson nails and lips). P.S. The teal wedges were amazing.

meghan on Oct 14, 2010

I loooooove the dress, not a huge red fan, so maybe navy???? For the shoes

giovanna on Oct 14, 2010

those shoes are f-ing fabulous. i'm still obsessed with those teal wedges though, so they would win out for me.

didi on Oct 14, 2010

esb, always the witty wedding problem solver, she basically rocks. i too heart those teal wedges, their sort of hard to top

Heidi Reeves on Oct 14, 2010

i love ESB!

Lizzie [Ten Thou Bride] on Oct 14, 2010

Great advice! Love the red matchup!

iheartkiwi on Oct 14, 2010

Rrrrrawr is right! I love a little splash of color when it comes to wedding footwear.

Vintage Inspired by Sofia on Oct 15, 2010

I'm LOVIN' those photo albums!!! Thanks for sharing. Lovely blog by the way. New follower for sure. :) Cheers!

Drexelle Park on Oct 15, 2010

*drool* Love the shoes! But great advice, ESB.

Peonies on Oct 15, 2010

Red shoes all the way.

Dominique on Oct 15, 2010

100 layer cake + ESB = YES! love it!

Sarah on Oct 15, 2010

Love them!

Arjie on Oct 16, 2010

ESB gives good shoe. p.s totes agree on the sash thing.

Stine on Oct 16, 2010

ESB, you rock.

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