Breathtaking Iceland wedding: Christina + Mark

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This is a very exciting wedding, cakelets. Not only is it gorgeous and Icelandic and volcanic and postcard-worthy, it was also styled by our very own Jillian. Hooray! Seriously, when you see these pictures, you’re going to cancel your current plans and opt for a small wedding in Iceland too.

Christina and Mark had a difficult time deciding where to get married. Christina is from Vancouver and Mark is from the UK, and they have close friends dotted all over the world. Finding a location that was convenient to everyone seemed impossible, but Iceland ended up being perfect. It’s between London (their old home) and New York (their current home) and represented everything they wanted in a destination wedding: romance, intrigue, tranquility and 24 hour sunlight!

Christina contacted Jillian pretty much the moment J launched her business in January. Christina is super stylish, but not really the crafty sort. While she loves the handmade look, she knew she wasn’t going to be able to pull it off herself (for a wedding in Iceland) and also couldn’t count on local vendors, who she didn’t know at all, to create the wedding she envisioned. Perfect solution: hire one very talented lady to style it up!

Their invites, designed by Sarah Hanks, were little books documenting not only the wedding festivities but also their story as a couple, a sweet poem by Cole Porter, and a few other travel essentials.

In terms of design, Christina knew she wanted to play up the amazing natural beauty of Iceland and use the land whenever possible. Jesse and Jillian even picked handfuls of the local wildflowers (which are like milkweeds to the locals, but very pretty to guests) and added them to Christina’s bouquet.

The ceremony was outside, overlooking the ocean and lava fields. How cute are the mix n’ match chairs? Definitely a perk of having such a small wedding.

They booked Hotel Budir for the entire weekend and as Christina says, they could not have been more hospitable. They treated their 50 guests like family and went out of the way to make their wedding celebration completely perfect. Plus they got to indulge in 2 am hikes to waterfalls and dancing til 6 in the morning. It’s hard to sleep when the sun is always out and you’re about to get married!

For the reception, Jillian made fun escort cards inspired by the Us Box we posted from Summer of Grey Likes Weddings. Guests picked up their escort card and then found a corresponding phrase at their seat. Christina’s said “I Heart” and “Mark”. Cute idee-er! Christina found the trinkets on Etsy.

Seriously so beauitful, everyone! Christina and Mark, what exceptional style you have! And Jillian and Jesse, amazing design skills, ladies. Congratulations, newlyweds. We’re so happy we could share your pretty, perfect day.

Quite extraordinarily romantic, if you ask us.

Planning/Event Design: Jillian Event Design / Flower: Jesse of Rountree Flowers / Photography: Kyle Hale / Invites: Sara Hanks / Venue: Hotel Budir / Dress: Oscar de la Renta / Hairpiece: Sposabella Lace Place / Hair/Makeup: Emily Cheng (Christina’s sis) / Bridesmaids: Laila NY “A Feathered Affair” dress / DJ: Kristinn Thorisson (goes by Kiddi)

Social Love

Sara on Jul 19, 2010

love love all of the scrabble details. the program table is one idea i am taking away. everything is so sweet and and well put together

shira @ martha stewart weddings on Jul 19, 2010

kudos jillian and jesse. this one is a beaut!

Anna on Jul 19, 2010

What clever little touches! Love the beautiful clip she had in her hair!

WeddingXpert on Jul 19, 2010

Wow, wow, wow! Those invites are TO DIE FOR! So incredibly personal and unique! Also, the location is beautiful and picturesque, it looks like it's fake. I have some serious wedding envy right now.

lydia {ever ours} on Jul 19, 2010

so gorgeous...all the details and the venue.

a thousand mason jars on Jul 19, 2010

LOVE the invitation booklets! the bridesmaid dresses & different ceremony chairs are so unique ~ love! Beautiful wedding all around : )

Lauren on Jul 19, 2010

Wow. The details of this are gorgeous -- it's total wedding porn -- but I feel like in the earlier days of this blog (and this could TOTALLY just be me), the "dream"/high budget weddings and still-adorable but more modest weddings were presented in equal measure, for the sake of us who'd blow most of our wedding budgets on airfare to Iceland alone...

Dognbird on Jul 19, 2010

Amazing unique details, love how they all come together to form a cohesive vibe.

Naomi on Jul 19, 2010

Talk about details! Gorgeous. I especially love the books and the knot! Iceland is dreamy and the landscape is BANANAS. Loved this wedding!

Amanda @ Ruffled on Jul 19, 2010

Jillian, you did an amazing job! Love the tags and all the vintage goodness throughout :)

Sarah Brysk Cohen on Jul 19, 2010

just so stunning, ladies! congrats to the bride and groom and to jillian and jesse (GO BROOKLYN) for pulling together an outrageous fantasy so far away!

The Sassy Bride on Jul 19, 2010

Great job Jillian! This wedding is gorgeous and all the details are amazing (especially the scrabble details)!! ♥ it!

rebecca on Jul 19, 2010

Incredible wedding and perfect details! Beee-u-teee-ful!!!!!

thoughtful day on Jul 19, 2010

jillian - this is really, really amazing. you're so talented! i'm really happy for you.

Scott on Jul 19, 2010

Out of Control!!! Who designed this thing... She deserves a medal. So beautiful

Kat on Jul 19, 2010

Good God. How beautiful.

Emma on Jul 20, 2010

Absolutely stunning, such attention to detail - Wow!

[email protected] on Jul 20, 2010

I have to agree, the scrabble is seriously cute, and I LOVE the map that show where they have been!

Caroline on Jul 20, 2010

When my fiance (British) and I (American) talked about where to get married, I always joked we would meet in the middle in Iceland. Now I see some one has, and done it with literally all the details I love. Gorgeous. Jealous. And super impressed.

Ellen on Jul 20, 2010

This is really, really beautiful. Just one thing: 50 persons for a SMALL wedding? I'd consider this rather big - when I marry one day, it will be ten to twenty guests MAX. ;-)

Sunny @ Photographick Studios on Jul 20, 2010

Love these images, the details are amazing and the colors are perfect, very cute wedding. love it.

F and S @ sanebrideadvice on Jul 20, 2010

Wow these details are sooo beautiful! I love this

KENDRA on Jul 20, 2010

Seriously Jilli, WOW!!! beyond words. So lovely!!! And I think I need to go to Iceland. NOW.

Caroline on Jul 20, 2010

Lovely! Any chance you could tell us who the groom's suit is by?

[email protected] on Jul 20, 2010

So gorgeous Jillian! Love all the little details with the scrabble pieces.

100layercake on Jul 20, 2010

Thanks everyone for all the sweet comments. Obviously, the location is off the charts and made for a beautiful backdrop but Christina and Mark were the best clients b/c they were up for anything. If choosing Iceland for your wedding is out of your budget I'd definitely recommend looking into it for your honeymoon. Caroline, the grooms suit is a slim European Fit solid black Ralph Lauren Black Label. xx ~ Jillian

Laura @ Bridal Bubbly on Jul 20, 2010

This is such a fun wedding. Amazing details and such a great sense of whimsy! Love the creativity! Fabulous job, Jillian! And I love Iceland--gorgeous country.

Dennis @ Wholesale Roses on Jul 20, 2010

Okay so there are tons of things that I really like about this wedding. First it is a destination wedding which to me is totally cool. A very close second is that it is an outdoors wedding which combines well with the nature of 2 people in love coming together in union. The third thing I really enjoy about this wedding are the invitations. They are really something because they offer the recipient a little history on the history of Christina & Mark.

Erin*Sparkle&Hay on Jul 20, 2010

Oh my god - these details are so far beyond fantastic that there are no words! i really cannot stop looking at this!!! beautiful!

Nicole @NicheWhite on Jul 20, 2010

Oh. My. Gosh. It's just perfect. The details are above and beyond anything I've ever seen before. And printed bridesmaid dresses? *Swoon*

Ashley Rath on Jul 20, 2010

Absolutely LOVE these pictures! And how about that shot of the dress, amazing! Not sure how I feel about the babies breath as the bridesmaids bouquets, but I'm willing to let is slide because everything else is SO gorgeous!

ghd straighteners uk on Jul 20, 2010

these details are so far beyond fantastic that there are no words! i really cannot stop looking at this!!! beautiful!

The Hens Nest on Jul 21, 2010

Fabulous! What a wonderful wedding, lovely images and gorgeous couple. Emma - THN

Annie on Jul 21, 2010

sooooo gorgeous! love all of the little details so much.

[email protected] on Jul 21, 2010

I've always wanted to go to Iceland.. now even more! A beautiful job indeed Jillian. Congrats to you and the lovely couple!

Kirby on Jul 21, 2010

O.M.G. Those shoes! haha... LOVE everything! wonderful job jillian! so inspiring and what a beautiful couple! this made my day xx Kirby

Vera D. on Jul 22, 2010

Bravo, Jillian! Such an inspiring and gorgeous wedding! :)

Wrinkle in Time Photography on Jul 22, 2010

So sensual! So lovely! Simple, classic and genuine! It really makes life a bit easier when the couple has so much chemistry! Naturally radiating of the screen. Location is absolutely spectacular! Well done to the photographer Kyle Hale.

Chantal on Jul 22, 2010

Yea.. this is seriously my kind of wedding.. So many adorable ideas.. and epic location!

SimplyDesigned on Jul 22, 2010

What a beautiful wedding in a beautiful setting. Congratulations to the lovely couple!

cristen chester on Jul 22, 2010

first off, ICELAND! how amazing! i love how the couple choose the location, too. the details are so sweet, jillian. love the use of scrabble letters! kyle is a great guy, high fives to him on the imagery!

Cathy on Jul 23, 2010

Wow, detail-wise this has to be one of my favorite weddings that I've seen. I love love love the invites, the bridesmaids dresses, and the escort cards. And the mountains in the background make it perfection.

Lollipop Events & Designs on Jul 24, 2010

Great job Jillian! I have always wanted to go to Iceland :) xoxo, Cortnie

Richard Bishop on Jul 24, 2010

Wow, looks like the wedding went of without a hitch. Congrats to both the couple and the caterer. The food looks fabulous and the couple couldn't look happier. As a caterer myself, when an event like this goes smooth, the couple and the guests will remember the wedding for some time to come, I am on cloud nine. Way to go guys, doing a catering job that helps to build a reputation for all caterers alike!

Charlotte on Jul 25, 2010

wow, wow, wow!!! Icelandic people are my favorite creative people in the world!

sk on Jul 25, 2010

This is so fantastic! Thank you for featuring this incredible wedding, and bringing back a few memories in the process. My husband and I just got back from Iceland a few weeks ago -- we were there for our honeymoon and also stayed at the Hotel Budir for a couple of nights. The location is truly beyond stunning, indeed. Congrats!

Inya Kawin on Jul 25, 2010

I just love reading and watching the photos. Very details, beautiful and lovely couple. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Jay Studio Photography on Jul 26, 2010

I love the clever details of this wedding. Totally dig the gorgeous Iceland landscape and the wonderful decorations with the mismatched chairs! Love it!

Lena on Jul 28, 2010

Oh, goodness! This wedding is heart-stoppingly beautiful.

Man Wolfinger on Jun 4, 2013

Particularly interesting cheers, It is my opinion your trusty visitors may well want considerably more items of this naturel continue the excellent effort.

Nagila on Mar 5, 2014

So simply..., so beautiful !!!

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