DIY Bridal Shower Favor by Mika 78 + Paperfinger

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Certainly you’re all familiar with the superduper talented Mimi of Mika78. And clearly we’re all going to want to be a little MORE familiar with her after this post is over. Because if you’re more familiar, as in like friends with her, she puts together an amazing bridal shower for you, complete with a little box of handmade goodies for your guests.

Look out Mimi, you’re about to get like 4,000 friend requests on facebook.


Mimi created this whole suite for one of her closest friends Christina’s bridal shower. Christina is, in Mimi’s words, and unbelievable woman and friend and Mimi wanted to create something really, really special to celebrate her bridal status. She and the rest of the bridesmaids planned an afternoon tea party at a cute restaurant in the West Village, which turned out to be exceptional inspiration for the invitation.


Because Mimi is so incredibly talented, thoughtful, and design-obsessed she scoured the city’s vintage flea markets for weeks looking for the perfect tea cups and napkins to incorporate into her design. Sigh. Does it get much more heartfelt? (Not to mention absurdly cute).


She worked with our now friend and DIY contest winner Bryn of Paperfinger (we didn’t know her when she won the contest, we swear), for the pretty calligraphy. Bryn wrote a bunch of different messages, including a quote Christina is using in her invitations, on the vintage tea cups using gold pen. And Mimi also included tea bags with little handmade tea tags in each guest gift.


AND Mimi made little fill-in-the-blank notes for guests to give to Chris at the shower. Everyone read theirs aloud at the shower and it turned out to be an excellent way to not only get to know Chris’s friends and family a little better, but also to allowed each woman to reflect on her own friendship with the bride-to-be. At the end Mimi collected each note and put them into a scrapbook for Chris. Such a cute idea!


The finished invite was literally a box full of goodies, tied up in baker’s twine and sent off to guests. If that doesn’t get you pumped for a bridal shower, we can’t imagine what would.

Guess what else? Because Mimi is genuinely the talented and thoughtful person that we already said she is, she’s made downloadable fill-in-the-blank cards for you all to print for an upcoming shower or party you’re hosting yourself.

There are 4 color variations included in the zip file. Even if you’re not hosting a shower in the near future, we highly recommend stashing these away for a time when they’ll come in handy. They really are too cute to pass up.

Download here: Bridal Shower Notes from Mika78

Thank you so much Mimi! Amazing work as always.

Ooh and you can keep up with everything Mimi does on her blog, SevenEight. Actually, there’s a little peek of Chris + Jay’s programs up there right now.

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Peaches by Plums on Aug 19, 2009

These are absolutely beautiful!!

paula on Aug 19, 2009

She is quite amazing...

Terrica with Fabuluxeâ„¢ on Aug 19, 2009

I love these-- they are so delicate, feminine and demure! The attention to detail is wonderful.

Nicole-Lynn on Aug 19, 2009

These are adorable. Thanks.

Ashley on Aug 19, 2009

absolutely adorable! love love love :-)

Redframe on Aug 19, 2009

I die...

Courtney keefe on Aug 19, 2009

Love it!!

Lisa on Aug 19, 2009

Perfectly lovely!

Mo on Aug 19, 2009

Gorgeous!!! Thank you Mimi for the template. :)

Kim on Aug 19, 2009

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love it!

katie McDonough on Aug 19, 2009

Yeah for friday night lights! We used the quote "clear eyes full hearts" for our invite last year. I think there is nothing more fitting for a wedding. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose. Good stuff. And beautiful invites. (scroll through the gallery to see the full set)

edyta szyszlo photo on Aug 19, 2009

such attention to paid to details and her friends!! mimi come be my friend :) FABULOUS!

Kate on Aug 19, 2009

I really think I need to re-do my vows with my husband just to have another wedding with all this gorgeous stuff. Oh and also have a friend like Mimi!

sharon on Aug 19, 2009

OMG i am actually throwing a bachelorette party tonight and would love to use this! Thank you so much for sharing :)

sarah on Aug 19, 2009

Gold marker on vintage tea cups brilliant idea! Love it.

Untamed Petals on Aug 19, 2009

Obsessing over those tea cups! What a great friend! Such a fabulous idea!

jen jafarzadeh on Aug 19, 2009

wow, I'm floored by this idea! Mimi did an amazing job. So unique and thoughtful. And it seems anything Bryn touches turns to gold. Just darling.

Dana Cordova on Aug 19, 2009

such lovely little touches with every aspect, adorable!!!

MaeMae on Aug 19, 2009

i cannot even get enough!!!!!

Frances Liu | Absolutely Charmed on Aug 20, 2009

Wow, I absolutely LOVE this DIY Bridal Shower Invite and Gift in one! Being an avid tea lover, this is absolutely charming and perfect. Mimi did a wonderful job!

Karon on Aug 20, 2009

the most beautiful bridal shower invites I have ever beautiful

emily hogarth on Aug 20, 2009

This is so beautiful. Such a lovely femine idea. I recently went to a place in Edinburgh, Scotland, where they sell all their cocktails in vintage tea-pots and give you vintage cups like these to drink them from. Lovely idea!

tammy on Aug 20, 2009

Hi! LOVE LOVE LOVE the questionnaire! SO hoping to do a "him" and "her" version at my Rehearsal Dinner. Any chance we can get a version referencing a "wife-to-be" instead of "husband-to-be"? I know --- TALL request for a needy bride-to-be.

mimi on Aug 20, 2009

Thanks for all your sweet comments! It was definitely a fun project, and Bryn really brought the whole thing to life with her beautiful calligraphy (YAY, BRYN!). Tammy, email me at [email protected] and I can send you a version with "husband-to-be" :) xo, Mimi

anna and the ring on Aug 20, 2009

Simply fabulous.

Kim @ Inspired Goodness on Aug 20, 2009

Nothing better than Mika 78 + Paperfinger AND 100 Layer cake. Totally beautiful, inspirational and fun. Thanks for sharing!!

vicki (simply hue) on Aug 20, 2009

Oh, wow.....amazing! Beautiful images and photo styling.

Patrice on Aug 20, 2009

Sweet mother of goodness, this is fantastic.

Jess on Aug 21, 2009

These are great! The teacups are especially adorable!

shashi Anand on Aug 21, 2009

What a lovely idea.

Connie on Aug 21, 2009

These are absolutely amazing. What a wonderful invitation!

connie on Aug 21, 2009

oh wow! do you know if she used porcelain paint?

Hollin on Aug 23, 2009

This is so unbelievably amazing. I wish I would've thought of this myself!!! This will make me have to throw a tea party soon.

michelle on Aug 24, 2009

thanks for sharing :)

Bryn | Paperfinger on Aug 24, 2009

Wow, reading these comments is a blast! And so was the project. Isn't Mimi a genius? Each teacup was so beautiful and unique - it was an adventure finding the right ink. I tested a million times on a spare saucer. The pen I settled on was a Sakura Pen-touch Gold, Extra Fine Point. Almost every other ink, even acrylics, washed off -- this was the only one that I knew would pass the test of time. Thanks everyone for your excitement over this! And YAY MIMI!

Tara @ Pacific Wedding Guide on Aug 24, 2009

I love the fill in the blank notes- great idea!

Merri on Aug 27, 2009

Thank you so much for MiMi's Shower Notes! It is such a fabulous idea!! I just love it and I know my best friend and bride to be will feel so special receiving all of these messages!!!! I love them!!!!

Erika on Aug 27, 2009

What a wonderful idea for the shower notes! I love it and although I got married a month ago, I am going to keep these in mind for a future bridal shower. Lovely!

shelbybaby on Sep 1, 2009

lovely lovely lovely! thx so much for d bridal shower notes. i wish mika was my best friend :)

One Picky Bride on Sep 14, 2009

This bridal shower had so much thoughtful detail, I am in awe. I love the questionairre! What a great idea... I will definitely have to save the template!

Elderflower on Oct 15, 2009

Hi, This is simply beautiful! I love it! I'm trying to print on handkercheifs for a wedding invite. Don't have a screen printer though can you tell me how you did it? Thanks so much!

Fran Hansen on Dec 15, 2009

You have a wonderful website and I have enjoyed reading your blog! Keep up the great work of helping make dreams come true! Fran

Sarah N on Jan 20, 2010

thank you thank you a million times thank you for the awesome downloadable file! i am hosting my sister's bridal shower and this is a perfect touch of personal for an activity at the shower.

Shar on Jan 24, 2010

Thanks for sharing the template! We modified it in Photoshop to match our wedding color scheme (turquoise & pink) and to add my name. These were a hit at the bridal shower, and I got a little sappy emotional reading them after the party. We printed them out on thick cardstock so they are sturdy and I will be scrapbooking them together with photos from the party.

Rosa on Feb 6, 2010

Gee whiz. All your posts are making me want to have another wedding! ha.

Joanne on Jan 4, 2012

Oh how sweet,I LOVE the cups,I hope I get treated to something like this on my big day xx

Nikki on May 5, 2012

Thank you SO much for the bridal shower response card template. It is literally the exact thing I was looking for to include in my friend's shower. You rock! :)

Nicky Ur on Jun 4, 2013

Enormously educational thanks, I do believe your visitors will probably want further blog posts such as this maintain the excellent effort.

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