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Treat yourself to blooms and plants all year long

December 6, 2022

With all the special occasions and gatherings this time of year, you’re probably used to sending flowers to loved ones or bringing them along to events as hostess gifts. But what about in your home? Why not keep some of that magic going (effortlessly, BTW) into the New Year? You could even resolve to liven up your home with a new arrangement or plant each month of 2023. BloomsyBox makes it easy to breathe life into your favorite spaces year-round with bouquets and plants that are sustainably sourced and delivered ready to display.

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If you’re a longtime 100LC reader, you already know that we consider flowers a KEY piece of decor. But not just in weddings—fresh blooms and houseplants add a special pop of texture and color (and sometimes a lovely scent) to your tables, shelves, entry-way… you name it.

holiday florals

BloomsyBox offers monthly subscriptions (as well as bi-weekly and weekly, if you’re into that!) of farm-fresh bouquets, roses, eucalyptus, and even houseplants. Pet parents can even choose one that ensures pet-safe plants are sent your way.

They’re the only site that offers flower and plant subscriptions that have been sustainably and ethically harvested. Most of the farms they work with are Rainforest Alliance certified. They also work with the New York Botanical Garden to offer a gorgeous subscription of  handcrafted blooms that support NYBG’s work in plant science and conservation. Lastly, they’re delivered straight to you, no long period of waiting in a warehouse; they’ll live as long as possible!

holiday florals holiday florals

It’s easy to think of decorating a dining table or countertop with a fresh bouquet, but if you don’t have blooms or plants adorning your bedroom, DO IT! It’s such a treat to wake up to.

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Where do you like to display houseplants in your home? The plant subscription is particularly nice for newlyweds and those who recently moved into a new home. You can start with one and as the year goes on, adorn more corners of your abode with greenery! Of course, you can always add more if the occasion calls for it. Just choose your plant and delivery date, and it’s all set.

decorating with interior plants

And yes, we totally think you should take us up on our suggestion to treat yourself in the New Year, but how sweet would it be to gift a loved one a subscription for their housewarming present? Just something to keep in mind for next time it comes up…

decorating with interior plants

Whether you’re a minimalist or aspire to grow an indoor jungle, this is totally the way to do it! Head to BloomsyBox.com to choose your subscription.