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Diamond engagement rings by LovBe

March 16, 2021

Flowers are blooming, temps are rising, and did we mention National Proposal Day is THIS Saturday?! (Or perhaps this most romantic day is already on your radar…) Our friends at LovBe—a fabulous female-founded destination for superior diamonds—are here with a little engagement ring inspo for all those 2021 proposals coming up this season. Take a peek…

engagement ring Diamond engagement ring

(Ring pictured above is the Charlene Engagement Ring)

engagement ring Diamond engagement ring

LovBe is all about providing *the* most brilliant lab grown diamonds for the best value there is. They afford the choice to choose twice the carat weight of a mined diamond, with all the same 4C’s, for the same spend.

Diamond engagement ring

As far as selection, these are just a few of our personal faves. They have every cut and size you could dream up, just use their handy ring builder tool to design your own.

engagement ring

Btw, they have studs, earrings, pendants, and bands too.

engagement ring Diamond engagement ring

(Ring pictured above is the Hazel)

engagement ring engagement ring

It can be tough to know whether you’re getting the best when it comes to diamonds, mined or lab grown—but it definitely helps to know that only two of every ten diamonds examined by LovBe’s experts are accepted to their collection! Best of the best.

Diamond engagement ring Diamond engagement ring engagement ring

Love is in the air, yes? Head to LovBe.com to find your perfect engagement ring… and happy National Proposal Day, Cakies