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This is how you pull off the mixed prints bridesmaid dress trend

March 10, 2020
mixed print bridesmaid dresses

With spring on the way, it’s about time we talked about one of 2020’s biggest wedding trends, don’t you think? We’ve already seen it pop up in many a real wedding on the blog this year, and we are HERE. FOR. IT. Yep, it’s those mixed print, choose-your-own bridesmaid dresses we’re head over heels for. (As evidenced by Thássia Naves‘s ultra chic bridal party, above.)

printed bridesmaid dresses

But how to pull it off, you ask? Anchor the look by having each ‘maid rock similar (or the same) shoes. Monochromatic bouquets also provide a nice contrast to dresses like these Isabella Longginou pretties captured by Lucas & Co.

mixed print yellow bridesmaids / photo by olivia rae james

Another way to create cohesion without sticking to the same dress design or style is to stick to the wedding colors, and go all in with those bright hues! / Photo by Olivia Rae James colorful bridesmaid dress ideas

Lots of our couples are foregoing traditional wedding parties. By giving your closest pals a little insight into your wedding design, you can snag some beautiful portraits without the pressure of having everyone “blend in” at the end of the aisle. Click to see more from this Santa Lucia wedding!

choose your own bridesmaid dresses

Yep, you can pull off the mix ‘n match look even with a neutral color palette. / Photo by Nikki McCrone colorful bridesmaid dress ideas

Wouldn’t it be fun to tell your ‘maids to pick something colorful and fun, and just GO for it? See how these gals pulled it off in this bright and bold summer wedding.

custom ruffled bridesmaid dresses

Wanna go a little more formal, without being stuffy? Take a cue from Rocky Barnes’ wedding (shot by Heather Waraksa) and opt for custom LoveShack Fancy ensembles.

mixed print floral bridesmaid dresses for spring wedding / photo by anagram photo

Make sure you start a group text with your bridesmaids so they can each post their dress finds when they find *the one*. It’ll ensure each friend going forward has a little jumping off point. / Photo by Anagram Photo Steph + Austin Hendrix wedding by Paige Jones - floral bridesmaid dresses

If you’re afraid of your bridesmaids mixing in more closely with the guests than the wedding party, just make sure to choose dresses that all adhere to a common style or color (like blushy neutrals or delicate floral prints) and they’ll be sure to stand out. Get inspired by this sweet bridal party, here!

Any brides out there go the choose-your-own-dress route? Let us know what advice you have!