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How to create a gallery wall with Framebridge

November 22, 2019

Breaking up our regularly scheduled party inspiration with a little home decor. Jillian recently partnered with Framebridge to create a gallery wall for her family room and is here with all the details. Ohhhh, how we love a good gallery wall!

Framebridge gallery wall

As a kid, I loved when my family or grandparents had photos of us around the house. But to be honest, I could not figure out how to incorporate it in a way that felt modern and fit my home style. So for a long time I procrastinated. Finally, with holidays approaching, I felt the urge to pull the trigger and make the gallery wall I’ve been envisioning for our family room. I have to say, it really didn’t take that long and the kids LOVE seeing images of themselves through the years.

Framebridge gallery wall Framebridge gallery wall

When considering creating a gallery wall, the first thing you need to do is figure out your wall spacing to determine how many prints you’ll need to fill the space. The best way really is to take 8.5×11″ paper and tape it together to create the various sizes for the frames. I then placed this on the wall to determine a layout. This way I was able to gauge how many prints I needed and at what size.

Then I took to the Framebridge site to upload my images and pick out the different frames, which was of course the fun part! I loved all the options Framebridge has and that you can instantly see what your prints will look like.

Framebridge gallery wall Framebridge gallery wall

For our gallery wall, I liked the idea of using a few different frame materials and textures to give the wall some interest. Another tip I have is to also mix in objects or non-framed items to bring the wall to life and make it a bit more exciting.

Framebridge gallery wall

Anyone considering doing a gallery wall? If so, I highly recommend using Framebridge‘s custom framing. It’s so quick and easy and you can’t beat the quality.

Happy framing!