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The ultimate teeth whitening routine to begin the moment you get engaged + giveaway

December 18, 2018
BHLDN wedding dress / photo by India Earl

(Boho wedding dress photo by India Earl)

We don’t chat nearly enough about the process of getting photo-ready for the big day, do we? The most effective teeth whitening routine should start when wedding planning does, and the pros at Luster Premium White have perfected an at-home routine and maintenance system that’s gentle yet effective, AND is super easy too. If whitening has been an afterthought for you in the past, you want to get it on your radar the moment you get engaged! It’s one major step to getting your smile ready for gorgeous portraits like the ones we share with you every day.

Keep reading to see how the Luster Pro Light Whitening and AM/PM Maintenance systems work, and don’t for get to enter our ultimate teeth whitening giveaway at the end!

A stylish, thoughtful backyard wedding for $10K / photo by Jana Contreras Photography

(DIY backyard budget wedding / photo by Jana Contreras Photography)

When you’re choosing an at-home teeth whitening system, you obvs want it to be professional quality. Is there anyone here that hasn’t tried one of the zillion products on the market, only to be majorly disappointed?! The Luster Pro Light Whitening system was created by dentists that wanted to give their patients a trustworthy recommendation for at-home whitening, but didn’t have a single option to turn to. Their system has professional-grade whitening power with peroxide, while being formulated with gentle ingredients that won’t increase tooth sensitivity or cause discomfort. It works by using a patented dual-energy light source to accelerate results through light and heat—allowing you to get portrait-ready with each use.

Rustic Joshua Tree wedding with a pink floral dress / photo by Let's Frolic Together

(Desert wedding with pink dress / photo by Let’s Frolic Together)

Oh, and want to know our fave part? NO messy trays or strips involved! It’s enamel safe, sulfate-free, and easy to use. All you do is prep with Accelerinse, apply the stain-lifting serum, and boost with the Luster Pro Light—all included in the package.

Surf inspired beach wedding in Montauk with the world's cutest dress / photo by Julep & Belle Photography

(Surf inspired beach wedding / photo by Julep & Belle Photography)

If you’re looking to really make the most of your teeth whitening routine (and of course you are… you’ve got a wedding day coming up, hello!), you’ll want to incorporate the the AM/PM Maintenance system into your daily routine. The AM toothpaste is formulated to whiten instantly and freshen breath, while the PM helps remove deep stains + strengthen enamel while you sleep.

Packard Plant in Detroit wedding editorial / photo by Samantha Leigh Studios

(Detroit wedding editorial at the Packard Plant / photo by Samantha Leigh Studios)

So simple, yet so important, right? See for yourself by entering our giveaway! One lucky 100LC reader will receive the Luster Pro Light Whitening system, and the AM/PM Maintenance system to begin the ultimate teeth whitening routine. Fill out the form below to log your entry and we’ll choose a winner on Friday!

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*This post was published in collaboration with Luster Premium White.