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2018 holiday decor picks

November 19, 2018

Are you ready yet, Cakies?! By the end of the week, it will officially be acceptable (encouraged, even… finally) to dive into all things holiday. We’ve been working on this little decor guide for the past couple weeks and it’s got everything you need to gift, wrap, entertain, and hang—lots of it on sale already. Click the links below to get a head start on the holidays!

Holiday decor nutcracker | gift wrap | stocking | gift wrap | ornament | peace wreath | rainbow ornament | speckle vase | faceted ornament | gold tassels | gift wrap | star tree topper | pom poms |  ornament | metallic trees Holiday decor stocking | bottle brush trees | stocking | accordion trees | stocking | gift wrap | menorah | stocking | pillow | doormat | wood garland | wooden tea lights | wooden starburst ornament | tree plate | stocking

Which style is your fave? And, got any amazing decor shops to share? We’d love to hear about ’em!