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Ethically sourced engagement rings by MiaDonna Jewelry

October 29, 2018
MiaDonna Jewelry

Cakies, your Mondays just got a whole lot better, because today we’re talking engagement rings—which, if you didn’t know, is kind of a fave topic around here. With so many options, we try to only share ring inspo when we’ve got something *really* special on our hands, like MiaDonna. They offer something really amazing beyond a gorgeous ring—their ethically sourced diamonds also contribute to positive change in the industry. And yes, they’re all so pretty. So so pretty. Get the scoop below!

MiaDonna Jewelry Chorus Three Stone Engagement RingCortney & Tyra Wedding SetDarling Engagement Ring / Willow Wedding SetDream Engagement Ring / Idyllic Stackable Set / Tyra Engagement Ring MiaDonna Jewelry

MiaDonna was founded by a fellow mom, Anna-Mieke, who is passionate about creating change in the world. She established MiaDonna with a single objective: to offer up beautiful, ethical, and affordable fine diamond jewelry that would help free innocent children oppressed by the active conflict diamond mining industry. That’s a pretty big mission, right? And she’s making it happen with each diamond sold, through their charity foundation The Greener Diamond.

MiaDonna Jewelry

You may think that choosing an ethically sourced engagement ring limits your options for beautiful, timeless jewelry. Noooope! With MiaDonna, you can choose from an incredible selection of beautiful diamonds (many our faves above come from their latest capsule, the Iconic Collection) and even customize your own!

MiaDonna Jewelry

Yep, you can work with MiaDonna to design a custom engagement ring, whether that means modifying an existing design to make it more unique to you or dreaming up a completely new style. And in case you’re new to the idea of lab-created diamonds, they are real diamonds that are physically, chemically and optically identical to mined diamonds. All real, all ethical.

Mens wedding rings

They also offer handcrafted Men’s Wedding Bands in a variety of styles, finishes, and metals. You’ll even be able to specify band width, finish, and metal type when building your ring, or add a little bling with a lab-created diamond, lab-created gem, or Diamond Hybrid®, if you’re into that sorta thing.

MiaDonna Jewelry

MiaDonna’s Home Try-On Program allows you to try on our fave styles from the website right at home. You can even choose 3 (!!!) different sample styles to try on and will receive them in 1-3 business days. Take ‘em out, try ‘em on, marvel over them (and maybe even fall in love?), and send ‘em back. Get the deets here.

MiaDonna Jewelry

All MiaDonna jewelry is guaranteed conflict-free and crafted with lab-grown diamonds, lab-created gemstones, diamond simulants, recycled precious metals, and natural recycled diamonds.

MiaDonna Jewelry MiaDonna Jewelry

BTW, while we’re all about MiaDonna’s engagement and wedding rings, they also offer ethical accessories for everyday or special occasions. Head over to miadonna.com for info!

*This post was sponsored by MiaDonna. Big thanks to them, and to all of our sponsors, for allowing us to inspire you every day!