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Gorgeous gemstones from Angara to match your wedding dress

September 10, 2018

Cakies, how good was this morning’s peony-inspired shoot? That venue is pretty amaze, huh? We’re clearly on a roll now, so allow us to continue the swoon-worthy wedding inspiration, by way of some pretty engagement rings adorned with colorful gemstones from our friends at Angara. The colors and styles are all so gorgeous, we whipped up a few moodboards to pin while perusing…

engagement rings Ruby rings / Morganite rings / Citrine rings / Emerald rings / Aquamarine rings / Diamond rings

Uh. Huh. Heart eyes x a million. So many colors, so many styles, and yep, they’re all up for grabs at Angara. They have a huge collection of gemstone jewelry that’s GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified—AKA, certified by the world’s foremost authority on gemstones. Their gemstones come in all colors of the rainbow… Sapphire, emerald, ruby, tanzanite, amethyst, morganite, opal, peridot, citrine, garnet, topaz and rose quartz, you name it. Exactly why it’s so easy to imagine pairing the perfect piece with your dream gown:

engagement rings

Ruby or blush (morganite)? Or how about…

engagement rings

Each provides a distinctive yet timeless choice for an engagement, combining stunning design elements and fine-quality gems. And in case you don’t know about the benefits of shopping GIA certified jewelry from Angara, each piece comes with a certificate that gives all the required information of the gemstone including cut, clarity, color, carat weight and treatment (if any). This guarantees the authenticity of the gem and lets customers make a confident purchase. Super important when it comes to making sure you’re getting exactly what you want in a piece of fine jewelry. Makes ring shopping stress-free!

engagement rings

Gotta end with a classic like the diamond, you know? All the pieces in Angara’s collection feature exquisite craftsmanship with intricate detailing and high-end motifs. In addition to rings, there are also pendants and earrings embellished with GIA certified gems. These could be great jewelry options for your wedding day. Their experts start crafting your piece once you place your order and work 24/7 to make sure it’s the highest quality. There are also free shipping and returns and many other perks that make shopping engagement rings online at Angara a breeze. Learn more here + find your perfect engagement ring now.

PS: Angara is a word in ancient Sanskrit that means “the fire within.” Pretty fitting, huh?

red gown / blush gown / orange gown / green gown / blue gown / white gown

*This post was sponsored by Angara. Big thanks to them, and to all of our sponsors, for allowing us to inspire you every day!