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Wall hanging workshop with fiber artist Lise Silva at Festoon LA

July 6, 2018
Lise Silva workshop at Festoon LA | July 21, 2018

Cakies! We have such a fun workshop planned over at the studio in a couple of weeks. And we’d love to have some of you there! Lise Silva is an amazing Bay Area fiber artist, who makes these incredible sacred knot wall hangings, following traditions of Chinese knots, Celtic designs, and other world influences. They are truly beautiful in person, and when you make one, it’s going to look soooooo good hanging on a wall in your house. Details and link to purchase tickets below. There are a very limited number of spots to jump on it while you can!

Workshop details:

Knotting connects us to the past and grounds us in the present, using hand and mind in skillful play like an active meditation. The limitless possibilities of a single cord, connecting and intertwining, was thought by our ancestors to explain the workings of the cosmos and activate the powers of the subconscious.  From the manifestation powers of Chinese knots to the metaphysical principles in Celtic designs, craftsmen and women from around the world communicated systems of belief through knots.  By expressing our dreams through a system of symbols, knots also propel us into the future.

Knotted wallhangings are a way to bring the meanings of specific knots into your space, as many ancient cultures believed knots could help us to remember and manifest.  As “priest cords” defined spiritual goals in a vertical sequence of knots attached to a monk’s robe, we are creating a sequence of sacred knots defining your goals to hang in your home.  In this 4 hour workshop you will learn about basic knotting technique, how to make ancient knots from around the world and their meanings, beading cord and tassel construction, and create a wallhanging for your home based on a sequence of knots that express your dreams and desires. You will be designing your own wallhanging to reflect your life journey using a simple guide and in-class instruction. Included in this course is cotton rope, brass charms, yarn tassels in several colors for you to add to your piece.  You will also take home a booklet to inspire future creations.

+ + Materials included in the course:

50 feet of cotton rope
small brass charms
A knotting board
An instructional booklet guiding you through 12 knots and inspiring future projects
A sheet of graphing paper for note taking and design planning
Cardboard sizer for tassel-making

Cost: $185

Purchase your spot here! It’s going to be so good.