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How to find the perfect vendors for your wedding with The Firefly Method

June 20, 2018

One of the most common questions we get asked as wedding planners is how do you find great vendors to work with? It can seem mysterious, but we’re here today to walk you through some of our favorite strategies for finding talented wedding vendors around the world.

The next question we get is how do you know if a vendor is the right fit? We’ve got you covered there, too! Download our free email templates HERE, to make sure you’re getting all the info you need from your prospective vendors! OK, let’s dig in:

How to find the perfect vendors for your wedding with The Firefly Method

This is one of our favorite ways to find new vendors and keep up with ones we love! If you’re new to the wedding world, start following one of the bigger accounts like Martha Stewart Weddings and The Knot. Check in on their feeds once a day and start noticing what you like. Every post includes vendor credits so you can start following the vendors who really shine for you.

Bonus Tip: Click the arrow to the right of the “message” button on each profile to see who Instagram suggests you might like based on your selection…and before you know it, an entire network of vendors will unfold for you!

You may have noticed that Pinterest is kinda like Google! We suggest searching for weddings in your area (“Charleston Wedding” for instance) and at your venue. This will most likely take you to a page full of pictures from various blog posts—which is perfect! Click on images you like, and scroll through the blog post to find the credits. Every post will give a list of the vendors who worked on that wedding and a link to their website. If you like their website, head to instagram, because that’s where you’re going to find their most current work. After you follow them, don’t forget to look at who else Instagram suggests for you.

How to find the perfect vendors for your wedding with The Firefly Method

If you’re reading this right now, then you’re no stranger to wedding blogs! As we just mentioned, the blogs are an invaluable source for finding great vendors. We suggest finding 2-4 that you love and checking in on them once a day. You’ll want to follow them on Instagram and your Pinterest too! Also, make sure to check out the vendor guides on each of the blogs that you follow.

Your Network
Make sure to check in with any friends, family members, and co-workers who have gotten married recently. Did they work with any vendors they loved? What did they love about them?

Your Venue
Most venues provide a “preferred vendor” list—this can be a great resource! Sometimes these lists can be outdated, but for the most part, venues try to keep this list filled with vendors who have worked there previously, and did a great job! Make sure to check out all these candidates, as well.

How to find the perfect vendors for your wedding with The Firefly Method

Now that you know where to start, you’re one step closer to hiring your dream team! Once you’ve got a list of vendors that you’d like to contact, it’s time to get on “the email train” as we lovingly refer to it. Click HERE to download our free email template for contacting perspective photographers and florists! These templates will help you get all the information the first time, cutting down on your email clutter.

Good luck!

Teissia + Alis

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