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10 perks of choosing a micro wedding

April 28, 2020

Morning, all! Hope our last post inspired those of you shopping for a wedding dress during Coronavirus. There’s no doubt still a ton of uncertainty over wedding dates and, well, everything right now, especially with different safety measures taken in each state and country. It’s safe to say life will be different for quite some time, so this growing trend might be a super practical way to host a wedding in the year to come. But there are plenty of other benefits, too! See all our top reasons for choosing a micro wedding, below:

10 perks of a micro wedding

(Tuscan destination wedding with 33 guests.)

1. Easier to manage surprises. Whether you’re wedding planning during Coronavirus or looking to the future, a smaller guest list = an easier time navigating major surprises, such as a last-minute venue change or um… a pandemic.

micro wedding photo by adventure instead

(Photo by Adventure Instead.)

2. You get the spirit of an elopement, just with more people. Micro weddings are perfect for couples who adore the adventure and laidback atmosphere of an elopement, but want a few more loved ones involved. Why choose between two people and one or two hundred?

10 perks of a micro wedding

(This 20-guest vow renewal could inspire the perfect Palm Springs micro wedding!)

3. Creates room in the budget. The number of guests you invite influences every part of the wedding budget—venues, catering, flowers, favors, stationery—all of it. If another wedding investment is a must for you—like having your dream gown, favorite photographer, a great planner, or tons of flowers—this is the way to make room.

4. The planning experience. Deciding between an elopement and a micro wedding in fear of missing a few planning traditions? You can still include anything from a wedding party to DIY décor in the planning process. With a bit less stress, perhaps. So make that Pinterest board and dig in!

10 perks of a micro wedding

(This Neon Museum micro wedding is a fabulous way to plan a Las Vegas destination wedding.)

5. Manageable timeline. With less work to do, you can really soak up the engagement experience—or opt for a short engagement if you choose!

6. Family compromise. Totally into an elopement but don’t want to disappoint immediate fam? Here’s a way to include them and do things your own way.

photo by adventure instead

(Photo by Adventure Instead.)

7. A more personal experience. The smaller the wedding, the more time you have to connect with guests individually. Couples who choose micro weddings invite only the closest family and friends that they want to guarantee an experience with. (And how special does it feel, to be a guest included in that?!)

10 perks of a micro wedding

(Invite your closest fam and friends to the desert like in this chic, modern Joshua Tree elopement with 10 guests.)

8. You’re a vendor’s dream client. Many wedding vendors love when they get to work on intimate and small weddings. They get to offer a more personalized service, which often allows for more creative flexibility or a unique experience that’s especially fulfilling.

9. NO EXPECTATIONS! A micro wedding is a great way to get all the perks of a more traditional guest list, with a lot less pressure. No one is going into this with a clear picture (and long list of standards) in their heads—it’s a bit more relaxed in that way.

light tunnel for wedding tablescape

(Photo by Lighthouse Photography.)

10. Authenticity. Maybe a full day of wedding events isn’t your thing. Maybe you and your spouse-to-be aren’t super into the spotlight. If you’re one of the many couples that don’t fit onto one end of the spectrum or another, a micro wedding probably feels more authentic—and a lot less intimidating.

Have you attended a “micro wedding” (AKA, wedding with a super small guest list) before?