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Styling a dresser with Crate and Barrel

November 15, 2017
Black dresser by Crate and Barrel

When embarking on the long-awaited adventure that is building your Wedding Registry (cue applause!), it’s sometimes hard to get a feel for how those larger pieces will fit within your space. Especially if you’ll create your own couples style with those pieces after the big day. Which is of utmost importance as we firmly believe that every couple should have a good group gift or two on the list for those that want to go in on something really special. This month we partnered with our friends at Crate and Barrel to style this glorious statement piece, the Oxford 4-Drawer Chest, two different ways, so you can truly see all the possibilities one nice piece of furniture will bring.

First up, the dresser as styled by our own Jillian in her light, airy, boho style…

Black dresser by Crate and Barrel

Jillian is all about a clean, modern bedroom look with lots of texture and a few cozy touches. The gold framing and black wire brush finish of the Oxford Chest was totally begging for a classic marble to brighten it up just a teensy bit.

If you’ve been adding a few living room pieces to your Gift Registry, you might’ve come across the Division Marble Table Lamp already. We love how this looks in a casual, intimate space such as atop this stunner of a dresser.

Black dresser by Crate and Barrel

Yep, the Ivory Sheep Rug and Cozy Knit Blanket are exactly what we mean when we say cozy. It’s accents like these that end up being the most well-loved pieces sometimes, you know?

Black dresser by Crate and Barrel

How about these displays Jillian used to store her colorful scarves and baubles? They’re actually the London Hurricane candle holders, which come in a several sizes. It’s so tough to find good jewelry and accessory displays that keep everything front and center (who here forgets everything you own when it’s not riiiight in front?) without the clutter, sometimes you have to get creative. Plus, it’s never a bad idea to have a few double-use items in the mix. And pro tip: Serveware can totally house jewelry and accessories, too. The French Kitchen Marble Tray is a prime example.

Black dresser by Crate and Barrel

So if you love to keep your accessories on display like we do (major space saver, BTW!), clean, modern decor can make it really pop.

Black dresser by Crate and Barrel Oxford 4-Drawer Chest | Cowhide Pouf | Ivory Sheep Rug | Cozy Knit Blanket | Brushed Brass Frame | London Hurricane | Division Marble Table Lamp | French Kitchen Marble Tray | Gerald Small Round Wall Mirror | Maison Coffee Cup

Fancy yourself more of a moody, art-deco inspired space? Head over to the Crate and Barrel blog to see how Kristina styles this same Registry pick!

Concept & Styling: 100 Layer Cake / Photo: Scott Clark Photo