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Styling one wedding dress three ways + DIY bridal hairstyles

September 1, 2017
Italian bridal style

Have we mentioned how we love it when inspiration comes with super practical (easy, even!) tips for making your wedding day all the more beautiful? Exactly why this shoot by Heather Curiel and hair + makeup artist Erica Gray feels extra special. Their editorial at Le San Michele wasn’t just about the venue or even the Alexandra Grecco ‘Esme’ gown they styled three ways, but being sharing how to get those three different bridal looks by simply switching up your hairstyle + accessories. Find three DIY bridal hairstyles + styling tips straight from Erica in the post. Take it away, guys!

PS: Find out how you can join Heather and the team in helping Hurricane Harvey survivors with their weddings at the end of this post.

Italian bridal style

Look #1: Juliet Veil & Headchain
This style of veil looks traditional and modern at the same time. The Juliet Veil is a take on the “Juliet Cap” which stems from-you guessed it!-Romeo and Juliet. This ultra-romantic look was recently worn by Kate Moss for her wedding, so it’s no surprise that it feels bohemian. This look would be great for both a traditional church ceremony and in an outdoor rustic setting.

Italian bridal style

Heather actually created the veil from tulle fabric. To add to the bohemian vibe, they used Angela Hair Swag from Sara Gabriel. You can even remove the veil + reapply the headchain after the ceremony. Here’s how to whip up this hairstyle:

Italian bridal style

Bohemian Waves
1. Lightly mist all of the hair with hairspray and brush through.
2. Use a 1″ curling wand to loosely curl all of the hair, leaving the top straight by starting in the middle of each section. After the curls have cooled, spray a wave spray through the hair and gently break up the curls with your fingers.
3. Braid small sections throughout, leaving 2″ loose at the bottom. Wrap a section of hair at the bottom around the elastic band to hide the band.

Modern updo bridal style Modern updo bridal style

Look #2: Metal Crown
The hair inspiration for this look was pulled right from the runway, so it has a sophisticated, high-fashion feel that would work best in a venue that has architectural or industrial elements. The key to pulling this look off is to have a thick, luxurious ponytail, so clip-in hair extensions might be needed. We placed the Elizabeth Bower crown high on the model’s head for a more dramatic look, but this headpiece is also beautiful when styled as a headband for a softer look. You could also add to the drama with a bold metal cuff in the same gold.

Modern updo bridal style

Ready for the how-to?

Grecian bridal style

Pull-through Updo
1. Use a few drops of hair serum in your palms while you pull your hair into a secure ponytail at the crown of your head. Use pomade if needed for flyaways around the face.
2. Spray the ponytail with a hairspray, brush through and create a braid using the pull-through method. To make sure the braid is voluminous, pull each section apart slightly with your fingers after creating the braid.
3. Wrap the braid along the side of the head using hair pins to secure it as you go. Tuck the end of the braid underneath the updo and make sure none of the elastic bands from the braid are visible.
4. Spray generously with hairspray. When dry, lightly mist all of the hair with shine spray.

Grecian bridal style

Look #3: Pearl Vine
Vines are extremely versatile and look beautiful in any bridal hairstyle. We paired this pearl-embellished vine from Ti Adoro with an updo created from a pull-through braid for an ultra-feminine look. This style would look perfect for in a elegant setting or for a formal wedding. Because of the off-center placement of the updo, a veil wouldn’t work, but you could add to this look with delicate layers of silver or pearl bracelets.

Grecian bridal style

Low Ponytail
1. Lightly mist all of your hair with hairspray and brush through.
2. After parting the hair neatly down the middle, use a few drops of hair serum in your palms to smooth the front section of hair and pull into a secure low-ponytail.
3. Use a flat iron to make sure the ponytail-especially the ends-is straight and sleek. Wrap a section of hair around the elastic band to hide the band.
4. Use a little more serum on the ponytail and lightly hairspray the front. Use a pomade if needed for flyaways around the face.

Grecian bridal style

Now, which bridal hairstyle to choose?

Thanks to Heather Curiel for sharing, and for setting up a Facebook group to help flood victims in Texas to find a wedding dress. The group matches donors of gently used wedding dresses with brides who have either lost their wedding dress or the funds to purchase one. If you can help or need help, be sure to join, and please share this link with friends.

Photography: Heather Curiel / Location: Le San Michele / Hair & Makeup: Erica Gray / Dress: Esme by Alexandra Grecco from Unbridaled / Metal Crown: Elizabeth Bower / Veil: DIY / Head Chain: Sara Gabriel / Pearl Vine: Ti Adoro / Model: Dannie McCallum / Hairspray: Does it All Hairspray from Bumble & Bumble / Hair Serum: Mermaid Hair Oil / Wave Spray: Surf Spray from Bumble & Bumble / Pomade: Bed Head Hair Stick / Shine Spray: Kenra Professional Shine Spray