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Tips on how to achieve effortless Parisian style by Mother & Daughter duo of The Mews Bridal

May 14, 2017
The Mews Bridal Boutique

Happy Mother’s Day, Cakies! We thought we’d pop in today to share the story behind The Mews, a bridal boutique run by mother-daughter duo Gail and Lauren. Their work has brought a breath of fresh air to the wedding industry, and we love how inspired they are by one another in their work and lives! Get the deets on how they work together and how *you* can achieve your own effortless Parisian style below:

The Mews Bridal Boutique The Mews Bridal Boutique

As the name suggests, The Mews began on a quaint little muse in Bristol. Gail opened her first boutique, while Lauren went to school and then pursued her ballet career. Then, after Lauren spent time in France and discovered their bridal designers, she knew she had to bring them to the UK. Eventually Lauren joined Gail and they opened up their London boutique.

The Mews Bridal Boutique The Mews Bridal Boutique The Mews Bridal Boutique

What’s it like working as a mother-daughter team?
Gail: Working alongside my beautiful daughter has been the best thing that I have ever done. Working with your best friend can only be a bonus in life, and I certainly am the luckiest Mom around. I love watching her work, and see how she has incorporated what I have taught her into her own sense of style. We both have the same style and have lots of fun in creating the next chapter of The Mews.

The Mews Bridal Boutique Bridal gown

Lauren: There are times when we disagree, and Mom will pull rank! But on the whole, we both have the same vision for the business. We’re best friends, so being able to work with each other every day is something I love. I can tell you there is nothing better than the accomplishments a mother-daughter team can achieve. We learn from each other daily.

Bridal gown Bridal gown

What’s one thing that inspires you about one another?
Lauren: I have always loved how glamorous my Mom is. She is my style icon, everything I have learnt about fashion I have learnt from her. Whenever I go home she always catches me raiding her closet!

Bridal gown Bridal gown

Gail: Lauren’s energy has certainly inspired me to look at things differently and embrace change. Lauren joined the company 4 years ago and she has certainly created an amazing brand for us both with her fresh approach to bridal and work ethic.

Bridal gown Bridal gown Bridal gown

Can you give us any tips on achieving effortless Parisian style?
When it comes to Parisian dressing, less is more. Keep accessories to a minimum and don’t overload your ensemble with too many pieces, the more simple the better. Part of the appeal of French style is that it looks so effortless. Rime Arodaky does this so well in her own way! For example, her Adele gown (shown above) is elegant in its simplicity but still has a modern edge to stay true to her signature style.

Bridal gown

So impressive! Thanks to Gail + Lauren for sharing their story… And all the dreamy French bridal fashion we can handle!

Learn more about The Mews New York on their website.

Photos: The Mews