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Merging his and hers styles in the home with Crate and Barrel

May 11, 2016
merging his and hers styles in the home

Getting married, whether you already live together or not, is a time when you not only spruce up your kitchen and entertaining arsenal, but often times you and your betrothed take stock of the home that you share as well. We fully support the opportunity to give your style a petit makeover (taking advantage of your Gift Registry, of course!), especially since a happy home is one that blends the taste preferences of both parties. We’ve partnered with our friends at Crate and Barrel this month to bring you two unique ways to merge your styles together, starting with this gorgy entry console moment.

console table design ideas

Undoubtedly each member of a household has their own stylistic preferences. In this case we have a lady with eclectic style and feminine accents, mixed with a guy who’s more into the industrial vibe. We love the idea of adding one statement piece (like the console table), along with a handful of smaller pieces that represent both his and her styles to your Gift Registry. These new additions to your home will make your combined style feel more purposeful, instead of like an accidental pairing two separate preferences.

console table design ideas

A concrete-style stool and the Orda table lamp get totally dressed up when mixed with art books and a delicate brass frame. And naturally you’d want to choose items for your Gift Registry that let a treasured piece from your own collection, like the ceremonial African feather hat, really shine. Isn’t it fabulous, BTW? It comes from Cameroon and was traditionally worn as a ceremonial headpiece by tribal chiefs.

merging his and hers styles in the home

big storage basket gives a lovely texture to an entry space while also keeping odds and ends out of sight. Choosing pillows in a more industrial color ties the vibe together nicely.

console table roundup

1 – Orda Table Lamp | 2 – Rati Vase | 3 – Arlise Tall Vase | 4 – Hendry Wall Frame | 5 – Intarsia Console Table | 6 – Olivewood Nibble Bowl | 7 – Delta Metal Dining Chair | 8 – Ridge Side Table-Stool | 9 – Kelby Small Rectangular Basket | 10 – Michaela Smoke Grey Pillow | 11 – Set of 3 Tall Birch Branches shelfie

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Photography: Zeke Ruelas | Styling: 100 Layer Cake

*This post is sponsored by Crate and Barrel, who provided 100 Layer Cake with the products shared here. Big thanks to Crate and Barrel, and big thanks to you for supporting the brands that keep 100 Layer Cake sharing beautiful inspiration!