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Zola Registry

August 18, 2014
Zola Registry | 100 Layer Cake

Let’s talk wedding gifts for a moment, shall we? For something that involves gift giving, a registry can seem like it’s the least personalized part of the whole shebang. From not knowing exactly how many items to list to feeling obligated to stay within a certain price point, there are some not-so-fun aspects of creating a registry. Or should we say were?

Zola transforms a registry into a personalized experience, simplifies all the nitty gritty, and allows you customize it to fit your needs. There are a ton of neat features like group gifting (so multiple people can contribute to one item) and curated categories (where you can organize aspects like everyday items, experiences, or a honeymoon fund). But what we’re digging most is the fact that you can compile your list with products from all over the web with a single checkout through Zola. Not to mention the site is just plain pretty…

Zola Registry | 100 Layer Cake

It’s also suuuper easy to use, and you can manage your registry online or via the iPhone app. The Gift Tracker alerts you when a gift is purchased, and from there Zola can hold, ship, or convert it to credits. You can also add photos and notes.

Zola Registry | 100 Layer Cake Zola Registry | 100 Layer Cake Zola Registry | 100 Layer Cake Zola Registry | 100 Layer Cake Zola Registry | 100 Layer Cake

Love, love that you can add a personalized little note about the items you choose.

Zola Registry | 100 Layer Cake Zola Registry | 100 Layer Cake

Just a few ways to categorize your registry. All the modern, timeless gifts are offered in a range of price points and aesthetics. You also don’t have to choose between having a registry with designer gifts or practical items, because with Zola you get a blend of both.

Zola Registry | 100 Layer Cake

100lc readers, set up your wedding registry on Zola between 8/18/14 and 11/18/14 to receive $25 in Zola credits. (Credits will appear four weeks after your registry goes live.) Sign up here.

Anyone else totally in the mood to shop now?